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Programme of support

Programme of support

A comprehensive programme

A comprehensive programme of support is available to help you to design a unique, coherent and challenging curriculum for the learners in your school. This website is the main online resource for the new secondary curriculum, sharing information, guidance, case studies and a bigger curriculum picture. The QCDA has been working closely with the Department for Children, Schools and Families (DCSF) and other organisations to make sure there is a coherent package of face-to-face, online and hard-copy support available for all schools.

Training and support are being tailored to meet the needs of people with different curriculum roles and responsibilities in a school and will be led by different organisations.

Leading curriculum design and change

The National College for Leadership of Schools and Children’s Services (formerly National College for School Leadership) has been working together with other national partners to support schools and school leaders as they respond to the opportunities offered through the new secondary curriculum.

Through the use of Specialist Schools and Academies Trust's (SSAT) network of practitioners, the National College and SSAT will disseminate a shared message on the curriculum and curriculum leadership with an extended role for the SSAT regional leads and for one lead practitioner in each region. To continue to provide strategic guidance for the activity, the National College has recruited a national adviser and three regional advisers (North, Central and South). This model will ensure the National College and SSAT will provide a shared and seamless message to schools, increasing engagement, deepening the impact of our support programme, and sharing good practice in areas such as change management and overcoming barriers to reform.

A final think tank event will take place in March 2010, followed by an online publication released as part of the legacy of the programme.

For more information go to the National College for Leadership of Schools and Children’s Serviceswebsite.

The Specialist Schools and Academies Trust (SSAT) continues to support curriculum leaders with the process of whole-school curriculum design and implementation. The programme on offer in phase 3 of implementation includes:

  • free regional events in the autumn and spring terms, including specific events for special school colleagues

  • tailored support for those schools that have not yet taken up the offer through one-to-one contact, local clusters and local authorities

  • 'Curriculum Design in Action', a publication that provides guidance and examples on a wide range of curriculum development issues, including specialism and the Diploma

  • a website packed full of school examples, audit tools and video resources.

For more information go to the Specialist Schools and Academies Trust website.

Subject support

To support the teaching of secondary core subjects across 2009/10, The National Strategies regional teams will work with local authorities to:

  • continue to support core subject leaders through termly development meetings and local networks

  • continue to focus on attainment and progression of learners at key stages 3 and 4 through the use of frameworks and assessment for learning with APP

  • support strategic school approaches to intervention, especially the use of Literacy Plus in key stage 3 and Study Plus in key stage 4

  • support the roll-out of functional skills pedagogy in English, mathematics and ICT to reflect the emphasis on applied learning in the new curriculum and at GCSE.

For more information go to the National Strategies website.

CfBT Education Trust, in partnership with Aspect and 10 subject associations, supports subject leaders and local authorities in the implementation of the new secondary curriculum, with a focus on the non-core subjects. In phase 3, CfBT Education Trust and its partners will be:

  • maintaining the current new secondary curriculum website

  • making additions to the website, including resources for PSHE education and an interactive news and events section

  • introducing a series of regional events in the autumn and spring terms, including 18 events (two per government region) about subjects working together to deliver the new secondary curriculum and nine regional conferences (one per government region) aimed at subject leaders developing a coherent PSHE education curriculum
  • producing a DVD toolkit of video case studies and guidance for distribution to 2000 schools in spring 2010

  • offering local support to subject leaders in foundation subjects, in addition to that already offered by local authorities, which will continue continuing to publish the monthly newsletter aimed at local authorities, providing information on new secondary curriculum from all the partners.

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