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Primary curriculum review


Primary curriculum review

The secretary of state asked the Qualifications and Curriculums Authority (now QCDA) to manage a public consultation on important changes to the national curriculum.

The consultation ran from Thursday, 30th April 2009 until 5pm Friday, 24th July 2009.

The proposals were about:

  • the primary curriculum

  • personal, social, health and economic education across both primary and secondary phases

  • subject level descriptions

  • updated non-statutory guidance on religious education.

To find out more visit the curriculum reform consultation area of QCDA online.


Timetable for the primary curriculum review

31 October 2008 Sir Jim Rose gives the Secretary of State interim advice on how the primary  curriculum should change
31 March 2009Sir Jim Rose provides final advice to the Secretary of State
May to July 2009Consultation on the new primary programmes of study
September 2009Secretary of State signs off the new programmes of study
September 2011Having been provided with support during the previous year, schools begin to teach the new primary curriculum

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