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Inspiring a love of languages


To inspire an interest in languages from an early age.


Using active learning to develop language skills.


Children develop confidence and motivation to learn languages.

Halterworth Primary School uses active learning to engage children and foster their interest in speaking foreign languages.

‘Children need to have opportunities to communicate beyond their own language, and if we can promote that at an early age, then hopefully we will encourage a real thirst and enthusiasm for languages that go far beyond the ones that we’re just teaching.’ (Headteacher)

The school believes that active learning makes languages fun and boosts children’s confidence. Children regularly play simple vocabulary games in circle time to help them remember unfamiliar words. When speaking languages in class, they use physical actions to represent words. Unlike many children, they are remarkably unselfconscious and happy to take risks when communicating in a different language.

Everyday and lifelong

Language learning at Halterworth isn’t confined to language lessons – the school takes every opportunity to reinforce learning across the curriculum. Words and phrases are displayed all over the school and children are encouraged to use them all the time. Staff hope that providing children with everyday opportunities to speak another language will foster a lifelong interest and enthusiasm.

The school benefits from the support of its local partner secondary school, whose specialist language teachers teach years 5 and 6. This gives class teachers the opportunity to extend their language teaching skills and helps smooth the transition for children from primary through to secondary language learning.

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