Road Casualties Great Britain: 2006

Road Casualties Great Britain: 2006 - Annual Report

This report provides more detailed information about accident circumstances, vehicle involvement and the consequent casualties in 2006, along with some of the key trends in accidents and casualties. Headline final figures on the number of people killed and injured on the roads in Great Britain in 2006, based on information about accidents reported to the police, were first published in June 2007. The report also includes six articles containing further analysis on specific topics and the first release of provisional 2006 National Statistics on drinking and driving.  The full report and a summary are available as a PDF file on the right of this page, as well as downloadable Excel tables taken from the articles. Tables for Articles 1. 3, 4 and 5 include additional data not included in the original report.


1. 'Road Casualties Great Britain: 2006 - Annual Report' is published by The Stationery Office. It is an continuation of the annual series of reports that used to be known as Road Accidents Great Britain: the Casualty Report. It provides a fuller account of road casualties in Great Britain than the summary of main results published on 28 June 2007.

2. Figures for deaths refer to persons killed immediately or who died within 30 days of the accident. This is the usual international definition, adopted by the Vienna Convention in 1968. Similar statistics of deaths on public roads, but compiled by date of registration, are published by the Registrars General.

3. Very few, if any, fatal accidents do not become known to the police. However, research conducted on behalf of the Department in the 1990s has shown that a significant proportion of non-fatal injury accidents are not reported to the police. In addition, some casualties reported to the police are not recorded and the severity of injury tends to be underestimated. The Department is undertaking further research to investigate whether the levels of reporting have changed. Further information on reporting levels and links to recent research can be found at

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