JK Rowling

JK RowlingBritishness for me means the best comedy and the best music in the world, the most interesting fashion and football, and the funkiest flag.

It means a spirit of irreverence and absurdity that could only survive in an old country with archaic customs and a fondness for eccentricity.

It means a welfare state of which we should be fiercely proud and a tradition of tolerance and free speech we should defend to our last collective breath.

It means a health service to which much of the rest of the world aspires, the richest and most diverse language, and the best curries outside India.

It means Scotland, Wales, Northern Ireland and England, despite occasional internecine squabbles, with glorious separate and shared histories.

It means Shakespeare, Burns and Dylan Thomas and Benjamin Zephaniah, Question Time, Coronation Street and Wallace and Gromit, whisky, marmalade and teabags, Private Eye, the Angel of the North, the Queen, lochs, lakes, mountains and castles, kilts and hoodies and a culture that has been strengthened and enriched by centuries of incomers and by a national character that always reveals its best face in real adversity.

JK Rowling is best known as the creator of the ‘Harry Potter’ series. Her website is at www.jkrowling.com Photo: JP Masclet

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  1. Barry says:

    That’s all very well but tell a Scot that whisky or Burns is British and he’ll be marching on York before he can even finish the bottle in his hand.

    Several points;

    1. The language we speak is English - last time I looked, there was no such language as British.

    2. Shakespeare was English - he wrote before the Act of Union. How on earth can he be British?

    3. The best curries outside India are to be found in Singapore. UK Indian food isn’t really Indian at all, though much of it isn’t unpleasant.

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