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Our health, our care, our say: a new direction for community services

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    Command paper
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    Department of Health
  • Published date:
    30 January 2006
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    ISBN: 0101673728
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    Cm 6737
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This White Paper sets a new direction for the whole health and social care system. It confirms the vision set out in the Department of Health Green Paper, Independence, Well-being and Choice. There will be a radical and sustained shift in the way in which services are delivered, ensuring that they are more personalised and that they fit into people's busy lives. We will give people a stronger voice so that they are the major drivers of service improvement.

Erratum: Chapter 6, paragraph 6.39 should read:
'6.39 These will be places where a wide range of health and social care services can work together to provide integrated services to the local community. Serving catchment areas of roughly 100,000 people, they will complement more specialist hospitals, but will not take on complex procedures, for example major surgery requiring general anaesthetic nor provide fully-fledged A&E facilities. They will be places where'.

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Freedom of information commitments

Taskforce reports
The five reports submitted to the White Paper Team based on the views and outcomes of the individual task forces set up to provide an academic steer to the consultative process.

A dozen facts about general practice/primary care
Professor Sir Denis Pereira Gray, 'A dozen facts about general practice primary care', St Leonard's Research General Practice, University of Exeter; Emeritus Professor of General Practice. As referenced in Chapter 3, 'Our Health, our care, our say: a new direction for community services'.

Evidence base
A high level overview of what we know about the different elements of services outside hospital in terms of provision and feedback from users.

An evaluation report on the effectiveness and degree of influence of the Your Health, Your Care, Your Say listening exercise.

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