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Staying Safe: Action Plan

Staying Safe team
Tel. 020 7273 5217
HM Government/Department for Children, Schools and Families
Health, Multi-agency working, Participation of children and young people, Schools, Social care, welfare, protection, Substance and alcohol misuse, Voluntary and community sector, Workforce reform and training
Information and guidance
February 2008

The Staying Safe Action Plan is being published in response to the Staying Safe consultation on the first ever cross-Government strategy for improving children and young people's safety.  Staying Safe was launched for consultation in July 2007, and during the consultation period, we spoke to parents, children and young people, members of the general public and practitioners about their concerns in relation to children's safety.

The Action Plan, available below under 'Associated documents', sets out the work which Government will take forward over the next three years to drive improvements in children and young people's safety, which will be measured by the new PSA to improve children and young people's safety. 

The Staying Safe Action Plan covers three main areas:

  1. Universal safeguarding, involving work to keep all children and young people safe and to create safe environments for them
  2. Targeted safeguarding to reduce the risks of harm for vulnerable groups of children and young people
  3. Responsive safeguarding, involving responding effectively when children are harmed

The Action Plan sets out new commitments on children's safety, including a new £18m home safety equipment scheme targeted at vulnerable areas, a Child Safety Education Coalition and a new National Safeguarding Unit for the Third Sector.

For more information, go to the Staying Safe page.

Associated documents

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Last updated on 01/02/2008