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  • Developing language in the primary school: Literacy and primary languages

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    These materials are designed to provide guidance and advice to Primary literacy and Primary language advisers and consultants on the links between language learning and literacy and the mutually supportive skills of first and additional language learning.DCSF: 00482-2009DWO-EN-01 Publication date: June 2009

  • Securing level 4 in mathematics

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    This booklet is part of the 'Securing levels' materials and addresses six key areas in mathematics that children must secure in order to attain level 4.

    DCSF: 00065-2009 Publication date: February 2009

  • Securing level 3 in mathematics

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    This booklet is part of the 'Securing levels' materials and addresses six key areas in mathematics that children must secure in order to attain level 3.

    DCSF: 00388-2009 Publication date: April 2009

  • Mathematical vocabulary checklists: Reception to Year 6

    Vocabulary for Reception mathematics, covering: Counting; Comparing and ordering numbers; Adding and subtracting; Solving problems; Problems involving 'real life' or money; Measures; Length; Mass; Capacity; Time; Exploring patterns, shape and space; 3D shapes; 2D shapes; Patterns and symmetry; Position, direction and movement; Instructions; General vocabulary. For further information, see: Mathematical vocabulary.

  • Gifted and Talented education: Guidance on addressing underachievement – Planning a whole-school approach

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    This is the final booklet in the current series of five titles addressing the issues of gifted and talented education for learners who are underachieving or are at risk of underachieving.DCSF: 00378-2009BKT-EN Publication date: May 2009

  • Assessment, talk and guided group work

    This continued professional development (CPD) is aimed at classroom teachers of Year 2, 3 and 4 pupils. It looks at making connections between the assessment process, teaching approaches and mathematical knowledge.

  • Support for Spelling

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    The Support for Spelling pack offers support for teachers wanting their pupils to become fluent and effective writers; accurate spelling is a means to that end. Competent spellers need to spend less time and energy in thinking about spelling to enable them to channel their time and energy into the skills of composition, sentence structure and precise word choice.  This pack contains a CD and inserts.DCSF: 00171-2009 Publication date: May 2009

  • Overcoming barriers in mathematics – helping children move from level 4 to level 5

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    These materials are designed to help you build on the success in increasing the numbers of children who achieve level 5 in mathematics by the end of Key Stage 2. Also includes CD-ROM-based resource: 00904-2009CDO-EN

    DCSF: 00904-2009BKT-EN Publication date: December 2009

  • Number concepts

    This CPD theme of Number concepts is aimed specifically at schools who wish to address progression in number concepts with a focus on reasoning and mathematical language. It has CPD outlines, PowerPoint presentations (which contains the presentation slides to support the delivery of the PDM), Handouts and resources.

  • Moving on with assessment in mathematics – Developing classroom practice

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    These resources aim to provide stimulus material to support continuing professional development for leadership teams in schools and local authorities.DCSF: 00009-2009 Publication date: March 2009

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