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Information about privacy for users of the DCSF Standards website

Please note that this privacy statement does not apply to the National Strategies area of the Standards Site ( To view the privacy statement of the National Strategies area, please go to

The Standards Site, with the exception of the registration systems, data submissions, email bulletins and the forum discussion facility, does not store or capture the personal information of anyone using the site.

In common with almost all other websites, the Standards Site logs the IP address of anyone accessing information on the site. (An IP address is something that all computers attached to the Internet have while they are online.) This information is stored in log files that help us analyse how the site is used so that we can improve how the site works in the future.

The log files do not contain information about individuals. They give us feedback on broad trends from the cumulative data of many thousands of anonymous users (as well as high-level information such as the total number of users who have visited the site in the last week.)

Where the Standards Site uses cookies, they are used only to enhance the user experience and to allow certain features to work properly. For example, the forums use cookies once you login so that the site can prepare personalised pages showing which messages are new to you.

Such cookies are deleted once you logout. Cookies are not used to collect user information from users for any other purpose. The Standards Site can still be accessed if you decide to reject cookies, but some advanced features (such as the forums) may not be fully functional if you do.

Information that you give for registration purposes and form submissions is used only for the stated purpose, for example to email you updates on the topics you have requested or to send information to your postal address if you have asked for it. It is not shared with any other public or commercial organisation unless specifically stated otherwise at the point of registration.

The Standards Site does not send unsolicited emails or attachments. However, you should be aware that there are computer viruses currently active that copy email addresses from infected PCs and use those addresses as a faked "From" address on emails that they then send to other users. The Standards Site has no control over, or responsibility for, these forged messages as they originate from infected third party PCs. If you are not expecting an email from the Standards Site, then you should treat emails that appear to originate from the site with caution.

Note that any "From" address can be faked, not just that of the Standards Site. Treat all incoming email with the same caution, and do not open any attachments that you do not know the contents of - even if they appear to come from a trusted source - in case they contain computer viruses. It is recommended that you have up-to-date virus detection software on your computer in order to prevent infections and to protect your files.

If we change any aspect of our privacy policy, the details of those changes will be posted on this page. This will ensure you are aware of what information is collected, how it is used and under what circumstances, if any, we share it with other government departments.

This privacy statement only covers the Standards Site at and subsequent subsites of that domain. Other websites linked to from the Standards Site domain are not covered by this privacy statement.

If you have any queries please contact the Department's Public Enquiry Unit on 0870 000 2288 or email