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Operations in Iraq: News and Events

Coalition military activity is summarised below, with links to more extensive briefings where available.

British Forces played a key role in the United States-led coalition military operations, which began on 20 March 2003, and ultimately brought down Saddam Hussein's regime. British Forces, along with US and other allies in the UN-mandated Multi-National Force, continue to work with the democratically-elected Iraqi Government to restore normality, maintain security and counter the insurgency.

25 Dec 08 Armed Forces personnel serving across the world received around 20 different gifts each on Christmas Day this year courtesy of uk4u Thanks!
24 Dec 08 The Director Of British Forces Post Office has responded to claims in today's Sun newspaper that the MOD is unable to fund the delivery of Christmas post to the frontline.
23 Dec 08 As Christmas Day approaches, UK Forces deployed to the Contingency Operating Base (COB) in Basra have joined together in song at a special carol service accompanied by the Band of Her Majesty's Royal Marines Portsmouth.
22 Dec 08 Defence Secretary John Hutton and Chief of the Defence Staff Air Chief Marshal Sir Jock Stirrup have written to national newspapers in response to critical media comment of Britain's military achievements in Iraq.

Chief of the General Staff and head of the British Army General Sir Richard Dannatt has told the BBC that he "completely refutes" comments that British troops have failed to achieve anything in Iraq.
18 Dec 08 Gordon Brown has updated the House of Commons on the key remaining tasks for the UK's mission in Iraq, following yesterday's announcement that British troops will be withdrawing by July 2009.
17 Dec 08 UK troops will withdraw from Iraq in the first half of 2009 Prime Minister Gordon Brown and Iraqi Prime Minister Nouri al-Maliki have announced.

The Contingency Operating Base (COB) in Basra, Iraq, has been inundated by Christmas packages as friends and family of Service personnel send seasonal surprises and festive fun to make the period as traditional as possible.
15 Dec 08 Compensation payments for Armed Forces personnel who have suffered the most serious injuries in the line of duty have been doubled to a new maximum lump sum of 570,000.
11 Dec 08 It is with immense sadness that the Ministry of Defence must confirm the death of Corporal Lee Churcher while serving on operations in Basra, southern Iraq.
8 Dec 08 51 Squadron RAF Regiment have delivered, by lorry, a new police station to a village near Basra.
5 Dec 08 Hidden among the reeds and tall grass lining the Shatt-Al-Arab waterway to the north of Basra, Iraqi insurgents thought they had the perfect location to launch rocket attacks at the Contingency Operating Base (COB). But British troops have taken to the water to dry up the dwindling militia threat. Report by Stephen Tyler.
4 Dec 08 It is with profound regret that the Ministry of Defence must confirm the death of Lance Corporal David Kenneth Wilson while serving on operations in Basra, southern Iraq.
2 Dec 08 Wearing soft hats and smiles, Basra's native soldiers' relaxed air as they patrol the city's streets serves as a tangible example of the upturn in security in southern Iraq. Helping them inch ever closer to assuming full control of Basra are British Military Transition Teams (MiTTs). Report by Stephen Tyler.
1 Dec 08 The British Forces Post Office (BFPO) has announced the final posting dates from the UK for mail to troops serving in Iraq, Afghanistan and other global destinations.
27 Nov 08 General Officer Commanding (GOC) Multi-National Division South East, Major General Andy Salmon, walked around the town of Al Qurnah near Basra this week, and shared a meal with the market traders.
26 Nov 08 A disabled boy from a village near Basra, Iraq, has had his mobility enhanced after members of 51 Squadron Royal Air Force Regiment delivered a donated wheelchair to him this week.
21 Nov 08 A sequence of images taken recently by Coalition Forces show the transformation that has been brought about in Iraq's second city since the violence of 2004.
20 Nov 08 A 1.5m regional command centre for joint military operations in Basra province, southern Iraq, has been officially opened and handed over to Iraqi command.
17 Nov 08 The Royal Scots Dragoon Guards (SCOTS DG) have fired almost 15 years' worth of rounds from their Challenger 2 Main Battle Tanks in just one day this week, making the most of a training opportunity in Iraq.
15 Nov 08 In a sign of the ever improving security situation in southern Iraq, RAF personnel tasked with protecting the main coalition base in Basra have played a football match with locals from a nearby village.
14 Nov 08 Chief of the General Staff, General Sir Richard Dannatt, has given a wide-ranging interview to the Daily Telegraph in which he expressed his gratitude to the Army for a job well done in Iraq and emphasised that we must be prepared for a long haul in order to succeed in Afghanistan.
13 Nov 08 MOD Police (MDP) have reunited Royal Marines with 33 stolen medals, including Operational Service Medals for Afghanistan and Iraq, after leading an investigation which resulted in the prosecution of two suspects.
12 Nov 08 A box that allows drugs and blood products to be transported to the hottest regions of the world, while maintaining them at a perfect temperature, has been brought into service by Defence Equipment & Support. And it's saving lives on the front line. Report by Lieutenant Commander Susie Thomson Royal Navy.

Currently deployed to Iraq, the Royal Scots Dragoon Guards have produced the first album ever recorded from the front line of an operational theatre.
11 Nov 08 A newly renovated Commonwealth War Graves cemetery in Iraq was the location for an Armistice Day ceremony attended by senior British, American and Iraqi officers and the British Ambassador to Iraq.
9 Nov 08 The Chief of the Defence Staff, Air Chief Marshal Sir Jock Stirrup, appeared on BBC1's Andrew Marr Show to give his opinion on operations in both Iraq and Afghanistan and equipment for troops.

Soldiers from 48 Field Squadron (Air Support) 39 Engineer Regiment who have recently been in Iraq helping build new camps for Iraqi soldiers and their British training teams were welcomed home recently at their local village.
6 Nov 08 To continue raising money and awareness for Help for Heroes and the Royal British Legion's Poppy Appeal, the recently filmed video that accompanies the X Factor number one single is to be screened for the first time this weekend.
3 Nov 08 British Prime Minister Gordon Brown has taken some time out from a tour of the Gulf region to visit British troops who are supporting operations in Iraq and Afghanistan.
31 Oct 08 To raise funds for the family of a lost squadron member, soldiers from 821 Explosive Ordnance Disposal (EOD) Squadron, Royal Logistic Corps, have begun a gruelling charity walk in Basra wearing their Bomb Suits.
30 Oct 08 Their primary role is to undertake regular patrols within the vast area of Basra's COB and to provide post-attack recovery, but RAF police are also providing training for local Iraqi police who will one day have responsibility for policing the area around the COB themselves. Report by Danny Chapman.
29 Oct 08 Hundreds of local Iraqis work at Basra's Contingency Operating Base (COB) and every morning they arrive for work at the main gate where RAF police meet and greet them. The RAF police have built up good relationships with the Iraqis and have found their attitudes to be much more relaxed recently. Report by Danny Chapman.
27 Oct 08 The vast majority of the 4,000 British Service personnel who are deployed to Iraq are based at the Contingency Operating Base (COB) located at Basrah Airport. Protecting them are some 500, mostly RAF, personnel who have responsibility for the security of the base. Report by Danny Chapman.

Two Royal Navy mine hunters, HMS Pembroke and HMS Grimsby, set sail from Scotland to support Operation Telic by carrying out ordnance disposal work in the waters of the Gulf.
25 Oct 08 Injured Service personnel from Headley Court attended the live broadcast of The X Factor to see the first ever performance of the song 'Hero', which has been recorded for charity. Speaking to the troops and the TV show's judges and contestants on the night was MOD reporter Leigh Morrison.
24 Oct 08 In the last of our reports from the Divisional Training Centre (DTC) in Shaibah, southern Iraq, Army Medic Captain Tom Jacobus, who is on hand to provide any medical assistance to the small British contingent based there, tells us about the training courses he runs for Iraqi Army medics. Report by Danny Chapman.
23 Oct 08 Reminding British troops currently deployed to Iraq and Afghanistan that the thoughts of the British public are with them, the Royal British Legion launched this year's Poppy Appeal in Basra.

Another area that British Forces are helping the Iraqi Army develop is Logistics Support and, at the Divisional Training Centre in Shaibah, the logistics training courses are run by British Warrant Officer Class 2 Kurt Roberts. Report by Danny Chapman.
22 Oct 08 Senior RAF Officers have made statements concerning the loss of RAF Hercules XV179 and her ten crew, shot down over Iraq in January 2005, following the verdict of the Coroner.

Royal Navy frigate HMS Chatham returned home to a warm welcome in Plymouth after seven months protecting Iraqi offshore oil platforms and policing maritime traffic.

Around 500 Iraqi engineers have recently set up home at the old Shaibah Logistics Base near Basra. Embedded with them is a British Royal Engineer who is helping to provide the Iraqis with training and access to much needed resources. Report by Danny Chapman.
21 Oct 08 When they were in Iraq two years ago, Sergeants Lee Vendyback and Dave Knight were involved in over 50 strike operations and enemy contacts which lasted up to three hours. But times have changed and now they are back with a very different task; to train the Iraqi Army. Here they talk about the difference between their two tours and what it is like training the Iraqis. Report by Danny Chapman.
20 Oct 08 Following his meeting with Iraqi Prime Minister Nuri Al Maliki in Baghdad, Defence Secretary John Hutton visited downtown Basra seeing for himself the recent improvements which have been made in the city.

Since the Iraqi Army secured Basra earlier this year a group of British soldiers, who two years ago were in regular gun battles with the city's militias, have been working hard to help instil a training legacy on their Iraqi colleagues that will help the Iraqi Army's continued progress. Report by Danny Chapman.
19 Oct 08 Secretary of State for Defence, John Hutton, arrived in Baghdad to begin a series of meetings on what is his first visit to Iraq since taking up the post two weeks ago.
17 Oct 08 For Iraqis to take full control of the airport at Basra, they need to have a fully capable fire fighting service of their own. RAF personnel based at the airport are therefore helping train and mentor their Iraqi counterparts. Report by Danny Chapman.
16 Oct 08 RAF personnel no longer exclusively operate Basra's air traffic control tower. In the fourth of our special features from southern Iraq we see how, with the RAF's help, Iraqi air traffic controllers have been developing their skills to the point where they are now landing British and American military aircraft on their own. Report by Danny Chapman.
15 Oct 08 Supporting the development and commercialisation of Basrah International Airport is a small team of personnel from the RAF's 903 Expeditionary Air Wing. Heading up the team is Group Captain 'Deano' Andrew who, just one year ago, was flying dangerous missions over the city in a Tornado. Report by Danny Chapman.
14 Oct 08 Sustaining the improved security in Basra is now dependent on improving the essential services of sewage, water, electricity and rubbish collection as well as enabling the right conditions for investment. Britain's top military and civilian representatives in southern Iraq explain the way ahead. Report by Danny Chapman.

While most of us spent June 2007 dodging the rain here in the UK, over in Iraq Sergeant Gavin O'Neill of the Irish Guards was dodging bullets and rockets in Iraq.
13 Oct 08 In the first of a series of special reports from Basra, Britain's most senior military representative in southern Iraq, General Officer Commanding Multi-National Division (South East), Major General Andy Salmon, talks about the improving security situation in Basra, the current activities of British troops and outlines his hopes for the future. Report by Danny Chapman.
12 Oct 08 With a special parade through the town, members of the Armed Forces paid tribute to the people of Wootton Bassett for the huge respect they have shown to fallen servicemen and women.
10 Oct 08 Iraqi and British troops have been delivering vital equipment to a number of schools in the Abu Al Kasib district of Basra this week.
3 Oct 08 Members of the public who send Christmas gifts to unnamed British Service personnel serving overseas are being urged this year to donate money to military charities instead.
2 Oct 08 After maintaining a watch over Iraq for the last two months helping to counter militia attempts to jeopardise Coalition land operations, 617 Squadron 'The Dambusters' have returned to their home at RAF Lossiemouth in Scotland.
29 Sep 08 Soldiers from B Squadron 9th/12th Royal Lancers (Prince of Wales's) are working closely with the Iraqi Army to provide specialist aviation infantry training aimed at helping them to create a force capable of working with helicopters as they conduct strike and search operations.
25 Sep 08 RAF Regiment gunners from 5 Force Protection Wing, normally based at RAF Lossiemouth in Scotland, are helping to drive forward vital improvements to Basra International Airport.
23 Sep 08 Over 300 troops from the 2nd Battalion The Royal Regiment of Fusiliers (2 RRF) have exercised their privilege to march into the City of London with 'drums beating, colours flying and bayonets fixed'.

Under the constant threat of indirect fire and kidnappings, a team of six MOD civil servants has been working closely with the Iraqi Ministry of Defence to assist its development. Their goal is an effective, self-sufficient organisation working in harmony with the country's constitution and within its laws. Report by Ian Carr.
18 Sep 08 Following improvements to the Urgent Operational Requirement system in recent years the personal kit of infantry soldiers has changed dramatically reflecting the needs of fighting counter-insurgencies in hot environments.
17 Sep 08 Defence Secretary Des Browne has announced the next roulement of UK forces to deploy to Iraq, scheduled to take place in November 2008.

A soldier who was seriously injured in an explosion while on patrol in Iraq has been reunited with one of the emergency response medics who helped save his life.
12 Sep 08 A soldier deployed on operations in Iraq has become the first in the British Army to gain a new leadership qualification through Basra's Theatre Education Centre (TEC), a facility which enables the continuation of career and personal development courses whilst soldiers are undertaking operational tours.

A group of soldiers from The Royal Gibraltar Regiment who are currently serving in Iraq have celebrated their National Day alongside their Commanding Officer and Regimental Sergeant Major (RSM).
10 Sep 08 A group of Iraqi soldiers have become the first graduates of the Junior Non-Commissioned Officer Al Aqrab (Scorpion) course, which was completed in Basra earlier this week.
9 Sep 08 Soldiers from 48 Field Squadron (Air Support) 39 Engineer Regiment returned to a warm welcome from families and friends at Waterbeach Barracks in Cambridge following the completion of a three month deployment in Iraq.
4 Sep 08 New Joint Security Stations for the Iraqi Police Service and Iraqi Army, from which the two forces will conduct joint patrols, have opened in the al Hussein area of Basra this week.

Royal Navy ships have visited the Iraqi deep water port of Umm Qasr for the first time since 2003, highlighting the continued security improvements in southern Iraq.
3 Sep 08 Responsibility for Fast Air Support and Tactical Reconnaissance for Operation TELIC has transferred to Lossiemouth-based 617 Squadron from 12 (Bomber) Squadron, who had carried out the role since June.
1 Sep 08 The UK's most senior military representative in southern Iraq has given an upbeat assessment of the progress he believes is being made in the region.
21 Aug 08 A 1940s Lancaster bomber gave a stylish send-off to HMS Lancaster as she left Portsmouth for operations in the Gulf.
18 Aug 08 Around 150 personnel from the RAF's 5 Force Protection Wing left their base at RAF Lossiemouth in Scotland for Iraq to provide security for the RAF and other air assets based at the airport in Basra.
15 Aug 08 The outgoing commander of British forces in Iraq has praised the progress made in Basra in recent months, in particular the work of the Iraqi Security Forces in ridding the city of rogue militias.
13 Aug 08 A major music festival in the north of England has teamed up with forces broadcaster BFBS to raise money for five Forces charities dedicated to servicemen and women who have been injured while serving their country.
12 Aug 08 Major General Andy Salmon took over from Major General Barney White-Spunner as General Officer Commanding of Multi-National Division (South East) Iraq at a ceremony held.
11 Aug 08 Service personnel who have deployed to Iraq and Afghanistan will be able to see their favourite Clydesdale Bank Premier League team this season with an allocation of tickets donated by the bank.
7 Aug 08 Following the announcement of operational honours on 25 July 2008, here is an in-depth look at those who are being recognised from Op Telic. They may have missed out on the headlines but these citations reveal British soldiers were far from being out of the action in Iraq.
6 Aug 08 An Army nurse, dubbed 'Florence of Arabia', has been awarded the prestigious Royal Red Cross medal in the latest Operational Honours and Awards List, for her work in Iraq. But she says the team around her deserve to share the credit. Report by Shell Daruwala.
4 Aug 08 A new British funded Headquarters for Basra Province's Department of Border Enforcement (DBE) opened with parades and demonstrations by the Iraqi Security Forces.

The opening of a new pumping station, bringing water to an estimated 2,000 homes in the Hyyaniyah area of Basra, is another sign of the improved security situation in and around the city.
31 Jul 08 Since their arrival in Iraq in June 2008 a British Logistic Military Transition Team has successfully trained nearly 200 Iraqi soldiers in driving maintenance, vehicle mechanics, electrics and generator maintenance.
30 Jul 08 One of the key tasks for the multi-national reconstruction effort in Iraq has been the rehabilitation of the country's beleaguered healthcare system. In Basra, UK teams have been helping the Iraqis breathe new life into their local medical services. Report by Shell Daruwala.
29 Jul 08 Three women are among a crucial band of Ministry of Defence civilians based in Basra, supporting our Forces and putting in long hours in difficult circumstances. Report by Ian Carr.
28 Jul 08 A new tri-Service initiative to provide Adventurous Training and Sporting opportunities for seriously injured personnel has been launched. Report by Shell Daruwala.
25 Jul 08 136 members of the Armed Forces and one MOD Civilian have been honoured for their gallantry and service in Afghanistan, Iraq and on other operations around the world.
24 Jul 08 With Basra now firmly under the grip of Iraq's new security forces, and normal life slowly returning to the city, Major General Barney White-Spunner, the UK's most senior officer in southern Iraq and the man in charge of multi-national troops in the region, has offered an assessment of what he believes is the current situation.
23 Jul 08 Iraqi soldiers, supported by UK troops, have uncovered a large arms cache on the outskirts of Basra, further proof of their increasing capability to conduct operations in and around the city.
22 Jul 08 Prime Minister Gordon Brown has made a statement to Parliament outlining his assessment of the current security situation in Basra after his visit to the region last weekend.
21 Jul 08 The Ministry of Defence has announced that the Right Honourable Lord Justice Gage will chair the inquiry into the death of Baha Mousa, an Iraqi civilian who died in September 2003 while in the custody of British soldiers.

In a rare honour bestowed on few homecoming parades, soldiers from 4th Mechanized Brigade marched into the Houses of Parliament to celebrate their return from a difficult and dangerous six month operational tour in Iraq.
19 Jul 08 Prime Minister Gordon Brown made a surprise visit to UK troops serving in southern Iraq.
17 Jul 08 An electrical substation has opened in Basra which it is hoped will soon improve the electrical connections in up to 2,500 homes in the Al Qibla area of the city.
14 Jul 08 Plymouth-based Royal Navy warships operating in the Gulf region have seized a massive 23 tonnes of narcotics, which could have been used to fund the insurgency fighting British forces in Afghanistan.
11 Jul 08 The people of Basra have been hard at work on the streets of the city helping to clean up some of the refuse that has been piling up there in recent months.
10 Jul 08 Defence Secretary Des Browne gave a speech at the world-famous Washington 'think tank' The Brookings Institution where he outlined the recent progress being made in Iraq and the need for the international community to stay the course in Afghanistan.

The Royal Navy has handed over command of Combined Task Force 158 (CTF 158) to the United States Navy after more than four months in the driving seat of operations in the Gulf and Iraqi Territorial Waters.
9 Jul 08 UK troops have been instrumental in delivering much improved security and stability to Basra in recent months according to the UK's most senior officer in southern Iraq.
7 Jul 08 Involved at every level within the Iraqi Army's 14th Infantry Division, British Military Transition Teams (MiTTs) have been instrumental in improving the security situation across Basrah Province.
4 Jul 08 The Bulldog armoured vehicle is in the middle of its improvement programme and the contract to complete the modernization of around 900 of the vehicles is on time and on budget. Report by Steve Moore.
2 Jul 08 Soldiers from 5th Regiment Royal Artillery ('The Yorkshire Gunners') held a service of Remembrance and medal parade to mark their recent return from operations in Iraq and Afghanistan.
1 Jul 08 As the security situation in southern Iraq gradually improves further signs of progress continue to be seen with UK troops helping to improve life for Iraqis right across region.
30 Jun 08 All phone calls to the UK from troops serving in Afghanistan, Iraq and Kosovo have been slashed from 89 pence per minute to 11 pence following a 1.4 million investment from the MOD.
28 Jun 08 Members of the UK Armed Forces who lost their lives during 2007 have been honoured at a special service attended by HRH The Prince of Wales.
27 Jun 08 While the aircraft and aircrews of the RAF's expeditionary force are regularly in the spotlight many of the less glamorous roles rarely make the headlines. In the last of our special reports on air operations in the Middle East we look at the vital work undertaken by the RAF's unsung heroes. Report by Barry Shaw.
26 Jun 08 Moving people and freight around has for many years been the mainstay of the RAF's C130 Hercules fleet. In the fourth of our special reports on the RAF's operations in the Middle East we meet the personnel who carry out this difficult and dangerous task in the skies over Iraq. Report by Barry Shaw.
25 Jun 08 As conditions on the ground in Iraq show steady signs of improvement the RAF are finding innovative ways to carry out reconnaissance missions which in turn are helping land troops to deal with the threat of enemy forces. Report by Barry Shaw.
24 Jun 08 Air to air refuelling is hugely important to the military effort in Iraq. In the second of our special reports on the RAF's operations in the Middle East we take a look at the role carried out by the 'tankers of the sky', the VC10s of 101 Squadron. Report by Barry Shaw.
23 Jun 08 Operation Charge of the Knights, a joint operation involving UK soldiers and the Iraqi Army which aims to restore order and improve security in Basra, is making further progress.

In the first of our special reports about RAF operations in the Middle East we talk to Air Commodore Mike Harwood about the vital role his airmen and women are playing in the coalition effort to deliver peace and stability in Iraq and Afghanistan. Report by Barry Shaw.
18 Jun 08 When coalition forces came under heavy attacks from insurgents in Iraq, the flames of the British Army gunners' 155mm AS90s proved to be the showstopper. Report by Karen Thomas.
13 Jun 08 British troops in the urban environments of Afghanistan and Iraq are set to benefit from greater protection as the first "Cougar" vehicles begin their transformation into "Ridgbacks".
12 Jun 08 The civilians of the Defence Medical Welfare Service volunteer to go to operational theatres for the benefit of servicemen and women confined to hospital. Report by Karen Thomas.

The people of Oakham turned out in their hundreds to welcome home the soldiers, sailors and airmen of 11 Joint CRAM Battery, 16th Regiment Royal Artillery, who have spent the last six-months in Iraq.
11 Jun 08 Iraqi Security Forces have seized large amounts of weapons and ammunitions in Basra over the last week, with one find coming as a result of information provided by local residents.
10 Jun 08 Thanks to mentoring and training from Coalition Forces, Iraqi Forces now have responsibility themselves for the defence of some aspects of the Iraqi oil terminals which HMS Chatham currently protects.

A new national award for the families of Service personnel who die on operations or as a result of terrorist action whilst on duty has been announced.
6 Jun 08 Amongst Armed Forces Personnel receiving their honours at an Investiture Ceremony at Buckingham Palace this week was the first woman ever to be awarded the Distinguished Flying Cross.
5 Jun 08 Chief of the General Staff, General Sir Richard Dannatt, has spoken about various aspects of the British Armed Forces to a national newspaper.

The Royal Signallers who deployed to Iraq on Operation Telic 11 (between October 2007 and May 2008) combined their expertise in military communications with good soldiery to help build security in Basra. Report by Karen Thomas.
2 Jun 08 The heads of the British and Australian Armies have issued a joint "Order of the Day" to the Australian and UK Armies on the occasion of the completion of Australian land operations in Iraq.
30 May 08 Soldiers from 1st Battalion the Duke of Lancaster's Regiment returned from a six-month deployment to Iraq into the arms of their loved ones.
27 May 08 As 4 Mechanised Brigade's operational tour in southern Iraq draws to a close, the Brigade's Commanding Officer, Brigadier Julian Free, has been reflecting on the experiences of the last six months.

The Royal Fleet Auxiliary vessel RFA Wave Knight has taken over from RFA Bayleaf as the Gulf's 'Ready Tanker' thereby continuing the vital support provided to the Royal Navy in the region.
23 May 08 Defence Secretary Des Browne believes Basra is showing real signs of progress following his latest visit to the city to see the work of UK troops deployed there.

Happy family and friends lined the jetty in Devonport to welcome home the Royal Navy warship HMS Campbeltown as she returned to the UK following a seven month deployment.
22 May 08 Troops who have been serving with 4 Mechanised Brigade in Iraq for the last six months have begun preparations to return to the UK following the successful completion of their operational tour in Basra.
21 May 08 The British Army has taken delivery of the 500th upgraded Bulldog infantry troop carrier, large numbers of which are deployed in Iraq where they have been praised by the troops operating them.

Champion boxer Amir Khan took a break from training to share some of his ring secrets with soldiers recently returned from Iraq.
20 May 08 Royal Navy Mine Countermeasures teams have been undertaking an operation in the Persian Gulf to locate and dispose of historic ordnance left over from previous conflicts in the region.
19 May 08 The Ministry of Defence has welcomed the publication of the independent National Recognition of the Armed Forces study by Quentin Davies MP.
17 May 08 A soldier from the 1st Battalion The Princess of Wales's Royal Regiment had the honour of carrying the trophy out before the FA Cup Final at Wembley Stadium.
15 May 08 The findings of the Royal Air Force Board of Inquiry (BOI) into the accident involving two Puma helicopters in Iraq in the early hours of 15 April 2007 have been announced to Parliament by Armed Forces Minister Bob Ainsworth.
14 May 08 The Ministry of Defence has announced that a Public Inquiry will be held into the death of Baha Mousa, who died in British custody in September 2003.

UK military personnel from the Joint (UK) Explosive Ordnance Disposal (EOD) Group who are currently working in southern Iraq have helped to make more than six tonnes of unexploded ordnance safe during an operation in Basra City.
10 May 08 An RAF doctor has won a prestigious award at a ceremony in Glasgow in recognition of his bravery and skill while he was working as part of an emergency medical response team in Iraq.
8 May 08 A Royal Air Force Regiment Corporal who risked his life to save a mortally wounded colleague during an ambush by Iraqi insurgents near Basra has received the Military Cross from Her Majesty The Queen – the first to be awarded to a RAF non-commissioned officer. Report by Steve Willmot.
7 May 08 A newly constructed market has opened in the Jameat area of Basra City, another encouraging sign that the efforts of UK and other coalition troops working closely with the Iraqi Security Forces, are beginning to bear fruit.
6 May 08 Royal Navy frigate HMS Chatham has assumed responsibility for maritime security duties in the Northern Arabian Gulf (NAG), retaining the Royal Navy's ongoing presence in the region.
2 May 08 Major General Barney White-Spunner, the UK's senior military officer in southern Iraq, has been talking about his pride in the success of Iraqi troops during the ongoing operation in Basra which has seen them rid the city of a number of militia elements.

It is with deep sadness that the Ministry of Defence must confirm that Trooper Ratu Sakeasi Babakobau of the Household Cavalry Regiment was killed in Helmand, Afghanistan.
1 May 08 The ongoing operation by Iraqi Security Forces in Basra continues to bring steady improvements in and around the city more than a month after it began.
30 Apr 08 The Royal Navy officer responsible for overseeing maritime security in the Northern Arabian Gulf has been talking about the importance of the waterways to the future economic prosperity of Iraq.
28 Apr 08 Following his visit to Basra last week, Chief of the General Staff (CGS) General Sir Richard Dannatt has written an open letter to all ranks in the Army assuring them that the operation in Iraq "remains on its broad track".
25 Apr 08 Recently returned from providing Light Utility Helicopter support to Coalition and Iraqi forces around Basra, 847 Naval Air Squadron have now been awarded the coveted Fleet Air Arm's Bambara Flight Safety Trophy.
24 Apr 08 The number of British troops in Iraq will remain at around 4,000 when the next Force Package deploys in June 2008, Defence Secretary Des Browne announced to Parliament.

British bomb disposal teams have been helping their Iraqi counterparts destroy hundreds of Improvised Explosive Devices (IEDs) and other munitions recovered from Basra City during the recent Iraqi led surge into the city.
23 Apr 08 The UK military spokesman in southern Iraq has been speaking about the mood of optimism he believes is growing in Basra following operations carried out by the Iraqi Security Forces in the city, with help from UK and other coalition troops, in recent days.
21 Apr 08 Iraqi Security Forces personnel, supported by UK troops, have been continuing their efforts to target rogue militias in Basra City, uncovering a large quantity of weapons and explosives in the process.
14 Apr 08 In the skies over Basra, a crack squad of highly trained RAF Regiment snipers have been hard at work supporting ground troops and Immediate Response Teams (IRT) under fire from Iraqi militia. Report by Simon Williams.
10 Apr 08 Supporting the four thousand British soldiers currently based in the Contingency Operating Base in Basra is a full time job. Report by Martha Fairlie from BFBS TV.
8 Apr 08 The southern Iraqi port of Umm Qasr, the country's main maritime gateway, is getting back to normal following the recent disruption in the nearby city of Basra during which Iraqi troops were engaged in battles with militia groups for several days.
1 Apr 08 Defence Secretary Des Browne has updated Parliament on the security situation in Basra.
28 Mar 08 While the Iraqi Security Forces undertake a massive operation in Basra this week against criminal elements and militias operating in the city, British forces have been providing them with logistic support.
27 Mar 08 As the Iraqi Security Forces undertake an operation against the militias in Basra City, Soldiers from the 1st Battalion The Royal Regiment of Scotland continue training the Iraqi Army at the Divisional Training Facility, Shaibah.
26 Mar 08 It is with deep regret that the Ministry of Defence must confirm the death of a British soldier in Iraq.
20 Mar 08 Five years since the start of coalition operations in Iraq, CDS has paid tribute to the sacrifice and achievements of the British forces who have served there.
19 Mar 08 Chief of the General Staff, General Sir Richard Dannatt, is fiercely proud of the men and women he commands and of their amazing work in Iraq and Afghanistan. In an exclusive interview for Soldier magazine, he talks about this work, public support for the Armed Forces and about being a father. Report by John Elliott.
18 Mar 08 The support offered by UK Medical Group inside and outside Basra's Contingency Operating Base (COB) allows for the worst-case scenario, so no matter how bad things get, life-saving procedures can be started as quickly as possible. Report by Karen Thomas.
17 Mar 08 Soldiers with Irish connections serving on operations in Iraq and Afghanistan as well as those preparing to deploy to Afghanistan shortly have been honouring the tradition of St Patrick's Day.

Specially made air-conditioned kennels have been delivered to Iraq and Afghanistan to replace the existing basic but ageing accommodation currently used to house Military Working Dogs (MWD).
12 Mar 08 The Chancellor has confirmed an initial indication of 2 billion for the costs of military operations in the coming financial year, 2008/09 in today's budget.

Military and civilian nurses were applauded for their life saving work in Iraq and Afghanistan by the Government and the General Secretary of the Royal College of Nursing (RCN) at a reception in London.
11 Mar 08 The Royal Navy has taken command of the Coalition Maritime Forces protecting Iraq's vital oil platforms in the Northern Arabian Gulf.
10 Mar 08 Soldiers from 1st Battalion The Duke of Lancaster's Regiment have been conducting patrols around the Contingency Operating Base in Basra aimed at deterring rocket and mortar attacks against UK troops stationed there.
9 Mar 08 Major General Barney White-Spunner, who recently took over in Iraq as General Officer Commanding the Multi-National Division South East, has given his first press conference to the Iraqi media since arriving in the country.
7 Mar 08 181 members of the Armed Forces and three MOD civilians have been honoured for their courage and professionalism on operations in Afghanistan, Iraq and around the world.

Soldiers involved in some of the most intense fighting seen in Iraq since 2003 are amongst those honoured in today's Operational Honours and Awards List.

The heroism of a Royal Air Force Regiment patrol that stubbornly refused to submit during an ambush by Iraqi insurgents near Basra has been recognised with a number of personnel honoured in the latest Operational Honours and Awards List. Report by Steve Willmot.

Merlin helicopter pilot Flight Lieutenant Michelle Goodman has become the first woman to be awarded the Distinguished Flying Cross (DFC).
3 Mar 08 Personnel from 34 Squadron RAF Regiment based at RAF Leeming in North Yorkshire have been given a warm welcome home after a successful six-month tour in Iraq.
29 Feb 08 It is with great sadness that the Ministry of Defence must confirm the death of Sergeant Duane 'Baz' Barwood, attached to 903 Expeditionary Air Wing, Royal Air Force, as a result of a rocket attack on the Contingency Operating Base in Basra.

Hundreds of people braved the rain to welcome home soldiers from Chestnut Troop, 1st Regiment Royal Horse Artillery, when they proudly paraded through Sheffield.
25 Feb 08 British soldiers deployed in southern Iraq are continuing to provide a vital training and mentoring role for Iraqi troops, a role it is hoped will eventually deliver peace and stability. Report by Karen Thomas.
20 Feb 08 The battleworthiness of the Warrior Infantry Fighting Vehicles being operated by the Scots Guards in Iraq has received a major boost with the introduction of the new 'Wrap Two' armour. Report by Jamie Watson.
19 Feb 08 Iraqi and British forces in Basra province have been carrying out a series of major operations targeting criminal activity and smugglers in the region.
14 Feb 08 Love conquers all they say, and never more than on Valentine's Day. Missing their loved ones British troops in Iraq and Afghanistan have sent messages back home which we have published here.
1 Feb 08 Soldiers from The Royal Dragoon Guards have begun returning to their bases in Germany following a successful three month tour in Iraq.
29 Jan 08 More than 3,000 people have lined the streets of Winchester to welcome home Hampshire-based servicemen and women from the Army, Royal Navy and the RAF who have recently returned from operations in Afghanistan and Iraq.

A few, a happy few, a band of soldiers and RAF personnel who have recently returned from operations in Iraq or Afghanistan, went once more unto the breach when they were given free tickets by the Royal Shakespeare Company to see Henry V at Stratford-upon-Avon. Report by Danny Chapman.
25 Jan 08 The Ministry of Defence has released details of the report by Brigadier Robert Aitken that sets out the Army's response to cases of abuse and unlawful killing of civilians in Iraq in 2003 and the early part of 2004.

The Royal Dragoon Guards Battlegroup is set to return home at the end of the month, having completed their final mission in Basra.
24 Jan 08 Thousands of military personnel pass through RAF Brize Norton every year on their way to Iraq, Afghanistan and other postings around the world. Report by Simon Mander.

The Duke of Westminster announced the winners of the prize draw from the recent Christmas boxes sent to Armed Forces personnel by the charity uk4uThanks!.
23 Jan 08 With just a few days before they deploy to Southern Iraq, RAF Regular and Reservist 'Gunners' have been training in the forests of Norfolk's Stanta battle area.
21 Jan 08 British and US troops have been visiting a college in Basra to explore the possibility of reconstructing a facility that could in time lead to the the introduction of newly funded training courses for local Basrawis.
18 Jan 08 His Royal Highness The Duke of Kent has been visiting the Scots Guards Battlegroup, currently serving with UK troops as part of 4th Mechanized Brigade in southern Iraq.
11 Jan 08 The Iraqi Army is leading its first joint foot patrols through areas of Baghdad under the mentoring eye of the US/UK Military Transition Team (MiTT).
10 Jan 08 All eighteen UK Service personnel potentially affected by a small risk from US blood transfusions have been informed and offered tests as appropriate, the MOD has confirmed.
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