The UK Forces Gulf Fund

This fund has been launched to provide additional welfare support to UK Service Personnel taking part in Operation TELIC in the Gulf and their families. Beneficiaries will be members of the Armed Forces involved in military or other operations relating to or in connection with Operation TELIC, civilian personnel accompanying and attached to the Armed Forces, and their respective dependents.

Brief biographical details of senior UK commanders currently involved in Operation TELIC

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Commanding General, Multi-National Division (South-East)
Major General Jonathon Riley DSO MA

Major General Riley comes from a Yorkshire family with a history of military service in many Regiments and Corps of the British Army and the Royal Navy. His early life and education were spent in Yorkshire, the Channel Islands, London and Sussex. He has two children, but is not married.

He joined the Army in 1973 and was commissioned the following year. Since then he has served peacetime tours of duty in Britain, the USA, Canada, Denmark, Germany, Kenya and Cyprus. He taught at Sandhurst from 1984-1986, attended the Army Staff College, Camberley, as a student in 1987, and taught there in 1993. He has been Chief of Staff of an armoured brigade and an armoured division, as well as Assistant Divisional Commander (Manoeuvre). On operations, General Riley has served six tours in Northern Ireland, one in Central America, five in the Balkans, one in Sierra Leone and one previous tour in Iraq. He has commanded troops on operations in every rank and at every level from platoon to division, including commanding the 1st Battalion The Royal Welsh Fusiliers in Gorazde during 1995; command of 1st Mechanised Brigade in Bosnia in 1999, and Commander UK Joint Task Force in Sierra Leone in 2000-2001. He was the Deputy Commandant of the Staff College from 2001 to 2003, responsible for the Higher Command and Staff Course - the senior and most prestigious course in the college - as well as all courses for Army students. He became Deputy Commanding General, CMATT Iraq, in July 2003.

General Riley was awarded the Distinguished Service Order for bravery and distinguished conduct in 1996.

The Sandy Times

The Sandy Times is produced for personnel deployed to the Gulf region on Operation Telic. The edition published on 12 March 2003 was number 26 in the series, number 25 having been produced on 17 March 1991 during Operation Granby. All editions are published here in PDF format.

Useful reference maps

South-east Iraq - 3D perspective

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South-eastern Iraq

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Iraq airfields

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