Operation TELIC: Archive pages

Operation TELIC: Official Information

UK military operations in Iraq are being conducted under the name Operation TELIC

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Operation TELIC IconBackground Briefing
Background to the presence of UK Military Personnel in Iraq.

Operation TELIC IconKey Facts
Facts and figures about UK activities in Iraq.

Operation TELIC IconSummary Reports & Official Chronology
Log of UK military activity and significant events so far.

Operation TELIC IconDetails of British and Coalition Units
List of UK units deployed to the theatre of operations plus links to Coalition information.

Operation TELIC IconPhotographs and Video
Imagery taken by UK Forces of their activities in Iraq and the Gulf region.

Operation TELIC IconBritish Fatalities
Details of UK personnel who have given their lives serving on Operation TELIC.

Operation TELIC IconInformation for Families and Friends
Details of helplines and other sources of support and information.

Operation TELIC IconKey Documents and official statements
Library of official reports, statements and speeches from senior UK and Coalition personnel.

Operation TELIC IconPress Centre
Press information, from the UK Press Information Centre in Basra.

Operation TELIC IconLinks and Additional Information
Coalition and other UK Government sites, plus other relevant information sources.

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