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December 15, 2009:
Annual Report

The Commission for Integrated Transport (CfIT) is an independent body advising the Government on integrated transport policy. CfIT takes a broad view of integrated transport policy and its interface with wider Government objectives for economic prosperity, environmental protection, health and social inclusion. Physical integration - the principle of ensuring transport modes operate in conjunction with one another, is just one vital element of the bigger transport picture. The Commission provides expert advice supported by independent research.

CfIT was established in the 1998 Integrated Transport White Paper 'to provide independent advice to Government on the implementation of integrated transport policy, to monitor developments across transport, environment, health and other sectors and to review progress towards meeting our objectives'.

Following an independent review of CfIT in 2003, the Commission's remit is as follows:

Providing policy advice via evidence based reports on:

Refreshing the transport debate, based on published reports and with a view to raising the overall level of 'The Transport Debate' and where possible to build consensus among stakeholders.