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Science: [So what? So everything] communications campaign launched to reach new audiences on the benefits and relevance of science and engineering to all

First British Science Festival. Previously known as the British Association for the Advancement of Science Festival of Science, this week-long Festival is held each September in a different region of the UK

First UK National Science Competition for 13-19 year-olds

First UK Young Scientists and Engineers Fair (The Big Bang)

Report of the Science and Society consultation: Response summary: text only version (PDF, 0.5MB)

Report of the Science and Society consultation: Response summary: graphical version (PPT, 0.5MB)


A vision for Science and Society: consultation document (PDF, 1MB)

Speech by Ian Pearson MP, Minister for Science and Innovation at the launch of the consultation on 18 July at Thinktank, Birmingham (PDF, 88k)

Press notice: Government calls on Society to have its say on Science (PDF, 184k)

Public Attitudes to Science report. The third in the series showed good progress in some areas since the 2000 and 2005 reports but concluded that more needed to be done.

Sciencewise evolves into Sciencewise Expert Resource Centre for Public Dialogue in Science and Innovation

The launch of the Beacons for Public Engagement Initiative


The Race to the Top. Lord Sainsbury’s review of Science and Innovation in the UK


Leitch Review of Skills

PISA Report

The STEM Programme was set up to help bring greater coherence to the STEM education landscape

The Royal Society Report ‘Barriers to scientists communicating with the public’ (PDF, 10MB) identified that science communication was not valued as a high priority activity by academics


During 2004, the OST commissioned MORI to conduct quantitative and qualitative research among the UK public to explore attitudes to science and technology. The report, ‘Science in Society‘, clearly shows a largely positive attitude among the UK public about science and perception of science issue

Council for Science and Technology publishes ‘Policy through dialogue’ report which recommends establishing a corporate memory for public dialogue in the UK


Science Media Centre established


Sciencewise public dialogue programme set up by Government to improve policy making in science and technology

Nanoscience and nanotechnologies: opportunities and uncertainties. The joint report from the Royal Society and the Royal Academy of Engineering highlighted the need to consider the ethical and social issues in the development of nanotechnologies, given the experience of GM crops.

UK Resource Centre for Women in SET established to improve diversity in the workforce

The ten-year Science and Innovation Investment Framework highlighted the importance of a strong supply of scientists, engineers and technologists to the long-term health of the science base and wider UK economy. The follow up report in 2006 marked the progress made.


GM Nation? Debate (PDF, 226kb)


First Science Communication Conference

SET for Success (Sir Gareth Roberts’ review) found significant barriers to ensuring a good supply of researchers for the research base


Science and the Public was the first Public Attitudes to Science survey which reviewed science communication and public attitudes to science in Britain (a joint report by the Office of Science and Technology and the Wellcome Trust). Two follow-up surveys have since been conducted and released in 2005 and 2008

Science and Society (House of Lords Select Committee on Science and Technology) – focused on ‘crisis of trust’ and need to build stronger links between scientists and other communities through greater openness and dialogue


Café Scientifique started – now some forty or so meet regularly to hear scientists or writers on science talk about their work and discuss it with diverse audiences


The Wolfendale Report audited current activities and recommended ways to encourage greater communication by scientists and engineers to the public understanding of science, engineering and technology


Realising Our Potential White Paper (PDF, 863KB) published by government stating ‘the aim is to achieve a cultural change: better communication, interaction and mutual understanding between the scientific community, industry and government departments’.

National Science Week started. Now in its sixteenth year, National Science and Engineering Week is a ten-day festival in March which also now encompasses engineering


COPUS, the Committee on the Public Understanding of Science, was established

The Bodmer Report ‘The Public Understanding of Science’ (Royal Society) (PDF, 4.4MB) prompted the ‘public understanding of science’ movement in the UK

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