The Northern Way

A Unique Collaboration

The Northern Way is a unique initiative, bringing together the cities and regions of the North of England to work together to improve the sustainable economic development of the North towards the level of more prosperous regions.

Formed as a partnership between the three northern Regional Development Agencies (Yorkshire Forward, Northwest Regional Development Agency and One North East), the team also work with local authorities, universities, the private sector and other partners to secure a strong coalition in support of this goal.

The Northern Way aims to influence policy and delivery at a local, city region, regional and national level, to join up thinking and encourage collaboration.  Its work has enhanced the North's influence over national policy development. This includes influencing the Comprehensive Spending Review and Sub-National Review of Economic Development, policy developments on housing and transport, and in contributing to consultation exercises and the Budget.

Current Northern Way Priorities

The Northern Way is now embarking on its next stage.  The strongest added-value from its cross-regional partnership is through common analysis, policy development, advocacy and challenge - particularly in areas which cut across regional boundaries.  It is focussing its work with government and with partners across the North to develop transformational proposals in the following areas:

  • transport
  • innovation in industry
  • private sector investment.

This will be supported by further development of the north’s 8 city regions, and backed up by an extensive policy development and research programme:

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Director of Northern Way
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