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Collection Displays | Level 5: Energy and Process
Level 5: Energy and Process
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The displays in Energy and Process look at artistsí interest in transformation and natural forces. A central room focuses on sculpture of the late 1960s made from a diverse range of everyday materials - sometimes industrial, sometimes organic - rather than those associated with fine art. The Italian artists of Arte Povera produced work that explored changing physical states instead of representing things in the world, while in Japan and the United State the Mono Ha and Post-Minimalism movements looked for alternatives to a sleek technological aesthetic. Adjacent rooms show pioneering uses of commonplace things and activities. More recent work on display blurs the boundary between art and daily life in photography, film and installation.

Room List
Kasimir Malevich and Richard Serra (Room 1)
Beyond Painting (Room 2)
Arte Povera and Anti-Form (Room 3)
Ana Mendieta (Room 4)
Marisa Merz (Room 5)
Fabric and Fabrication (Room 6)
Anselm Kiefer (Room 7)
Landscape and Action (Room 8)
Yvonne Rainer (Room 9)
Jannis Kounellis (Room 10)
Peter Fischli & David Weiss (Room 11)