Airport services

As the skies become busier, airport operations managers face increasing pressure to improve efficiency, increase capacity and save money.

Our specialist weather advice can help keep you ahead of the game with contingency plans for reducing or even eliminating, the effects of adverse conditions. From severe weather warnings to five-day forecasts, the Met Office has a service to suit your requirements in your search for operational efficiency.

Plane coming in to land.


Clear and easy to use, helping you keep schedules running to time. Providing all critical weather information in one place and alerting you to changes so you can plan ahead to avoid delays.

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Specifically designed for airport operators, our training course teaches the essentials required to make informed decisions relating to winter conditions.

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With more than 90 years of experience in the aviation industry, the Met Office is well equipped to provide accurate and timely consultancy on any aspect of aviation meteorology.

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Climate and historic data

Airlines require historic information for a variety of reasons. We can ensure you have the best information available.