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The Met Office is the world-leader in aviation meteorology, one of only two World area Forecast Centres (WAFC) and contracted by the CAA under Single European Skies (SES) as the sole provider of aviation weather in the UK.

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A comprehensive range of high quality weather products, agreed with the CAA, as well as training courses for those who fly recreationally.

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Services for business

Our tailored, site-specific forecasts are proven to help airlines, airport and ATC improve operational planning, reduce costs and maximise efficiency.

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GetMet 2009 is now available

GetMet brochure Produced in association with the CAA, this free booklet provides essential information on where to get your met data to safely enjoy low-level flying, both in the UK and near Europe.

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International responsibilities

The Met Office has international responsibilities for the provision of aviation services defined by the ICAO.

National responsibilities

Designated as the UK’s sole Aviation met. provider, the Met Office provides expert advice to the CAA and NATS.

Single european skies

The Met Office has unrivalled experience in running a cost-effective, reliable aviation met. service and can work with you to reduce costs and enhance competitiveness.

Talk to a forecaster

Pilots who need specialist briefings can have one-to-one discussions with a Met Office aviation forecaster.

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