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We are now offering companies the unique opportunity to advertise on our website, which is visited by more than three million unique users every month.

More than two thirds of the online population access weather information.

Benefits of the Met Office website

We are the first large Government site to launch advertising and sponsorship on a corporate website. As the source of UK weather used by all major broadcasters the Met Office site is the place a discerning audience goes to to get in-depth weather information.

  • Sustainable first-mover advantage for those markets who act now — Government site.
  • A privileged environment.
  • High impact with minimal ‘advertising clutter’.
  • Content that provides ‘talkability’ around the brand — the source.

Quick facts

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  • Three million unique users per month.
  • Five million visits per month.
  • Twenty million visits in one day — February 2009 snowfall.
  • Most recommended and visited weather site.*
  • The most trusted information.

*Source: Independent Research June 2009 — sites taking advertising


Web user buying online

Well educated, ‘web savvy’, discerning individuals with a higher-than-average income.

  • 50/50 gender split.
  • Average income — £37,100.
  • Average age — 39 years old.
  • 81% shop online.
  • 72% took a domestic holiday last year, 61% went international.
  • 88% buying or researching travel online.
  • 78% will buy or research clothing online.


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Sponsorship includes:

  • branded headers on every page of the web section;
  • advertising — targeted and run off sale;
  • a homepage presence;
  • a mini site;
  • email inclusion;
  • branded weather utilities on Met Office site or your site.

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