This area showcases new forecasts and products under development. For up-to-date forecasts please visit the main weather area of the Met Office website.

Invent: Frequently asked questions

Q: What is Met Office Invent?

A: Met Office Invent is an area of our website where we will showcase some of our future plans for presenting web-based weather forecasts, products and information.

Q: Will I be able to access the same information every time I visit?

A: No, as the information within Met Office invent is being continuously developed the content will be regularly changed.

Q: Why has nothing happened when I've clicked on a link?

A: Because it is under development, things might not always work.

Q: I don't like what I have seen on this site

A: Invent is, by its very nature, an area where we can try new and exciting things. You will like some of the developments and others you may not be as positive about. In time, we will want your feedback on the way we are presenting information within Met Office Invent. Not all that you see will be turned into a service or product.

Q: Can I use the weather information within Met Office Invent to make decisions?

A: No, the content within Met Office Invent is under development and may not be accessible at all times and should not be used to make operational or personal decisions. For up-to-date forecasts you should visit the main weather area of the Met Office website.