What we do

As weather and climate experts we:

  • predict the weather for tomorrow, next week, next season and beyond;
  • are a significant contributor to the global understanding of climate change;
  • are leading researchers of weather science;
  • provide forecasts for sporting events such as Wimbledon and Open Golf;
  • stand shoulder to shoulder with Armed Forces around the world;
  • help keep roads open and planes flying;
  • inform the decisions and policies of businesses and governments across the world;
  • help the NHS provide preventative healthcare.

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Public Weather Service

Basic weather information and weather-related warnings helping the UK public to make informed decisions.

Our Public Weather Service

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Work with a variety of industries from aviation to utilities.

Our services

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Working with ministers across the UK and Europe.

How we help Parliament

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International role

Providing vital services, advancing global understanding through research and participating in collaborations.

Our international role