Wednesday 6 February 2002

Dame Rennie Fritchie re-appointed as Commissioner for Public Appointments

1 February 2002

Dame Rennie Fritchie has been re-appointed as the Commissioner for Public Appointments. She will serve for a further three years from 1st March 2002 to 28th February 2005.

Biographical Notes

Dame Rennie was appointed for an original three-year term in 1999 on the basis of an open competition. She has wide experience of recruitment practises in both public and private sectors in a long career which has included work in training and consultancy and board-level experience in Health Authorities. She was Chair of both Gloucester Health Authority and the South and West Regional Health Authority.

During her first term she has revised the Commissioner’s Code of Practice, which was re-issued last year, and overhauled the system of Independent Assessors to ensure that it is more independent and robust.

Dame Rennie will also continue to serve as a Civil Service Commissioner as she has done for the past three years.

Notes for Editors

The post of Commissioner for Public Appointments was established in December 1995 as a direct result of a recommendation in the First Report of the Committee on Standards in Public Life.

The appointment is part-time for four days a week. This has recently been increased from three days in recognition of Dame Rennie’s work on diversity, outside her core role as regulator, and her growing time commitments with the devolved administrations. Dame Rennie will receive a salary £126,000 per annum (non-pensionable). This appointment covers Great Britain. Dame Rennie also currently holds the separate post of Northern Ireland Commissioner for Public Appointments.


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