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Violence Against Women and Girls Ready Reckoner

What is the ready reckoner tool?

The ready reckoner tool is a key action in the Violence Against Women and Girls (VAWG) strategy. Using findings from the British Crime Survey, it enables commissioners of services from a range of providers such as health, policing and housing, to estimate the need for local services for domestic violence, sexual violence and stalking in their area.

It will also be a useful tool for agencies, which carry out joint strategic needs assessments. The figures can also be further refined for a sub-population categorised as:

  • area characteristics
  • age
  • socio-economic
  • employment status
  • disability

It highlights the estimated cost to services of domestic and sexual violence. It also highlights areas that we do not have robust prevalence rates, for and encourages people to find out more.

It is essentially an awareness raising tool to highlight the messages that we have been communicating throughout the biggest consultation on this subject - that violence against women and girls is a significant, wide-ranging problem, which requires collective action.


This document is an Excel spreadsheet that uses macros to run reports on data. If you are unable to use or access the document for any reason, please email us at: with ‘Violence against women and girls ready reckoner tool’ in the subject line. Please also include the area, region and population size in your email. We will then run a report for you, and send you the results in an email.


This spreadsheet uses macros, in order to use the tool successfully, you'll need to enable them.

Information that is required is in yellow.

Input an area, the region and the population size.

Select whether the population size refers to the general population or the population of women only.

This will give you the estimated prevalence of domestic violence, sexual violence and stalking.

Click on a choice of 4 buttons to find out more about the lesser known forms of violence which are female genital mutilation, trafficking for sexual exploitation, ‘honour’-based violence and forced marriage.

The estimated cost of domestic violence and sexual violence for the population size identified is then given.

To narrow the details to a particular sub-population, input the number of the population you are interested in and select the type of sub-population from the list which you are interested in.

Further notes on the how to use this tool are available on tab 2.


Download Domestic Violence Ready Reckoner  161Kb

Last update: Thursday, November 26, 2009

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