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Economic Impact Reporting Frameworks (EIRF)

The Economic Impact Reporting Frameworks (EIRFs) form a part of the Department for Business, Innovation and Skills (BIS) Performance Management System introduced across all Research Councils in April 2005. The EIRFs replace the previous "Output Frameworks".

The EIRFs capture a suite of performance metrics used to measure progress towards the objectives set out in each Research Council's delivery plan. While predominantly qualitative in nature, each Council's report contains narrative to explain the context in which data should be interpreted. The metrics provide a picture of each individual Research Council's performance and are not intended to draw comparisons across Councils performance indicators.

The Research Councils' Economic Impact Reporting Frameworks are structured around the following categories to ensure they are consistent with the BIS "Economic impacts of investment in research and innovation" report:

  1. Overall economic impacts
  2. Innovation outcomes and outputs of firms and governments
  3. Knowledge generated by the research base
  4. Investment in the research base and innovation
  5. Framework conditions
  6. Knowledge exchange efficiency
  7. Demand for innovation

Performance against the EIRFs is reported to BIS and published annually on each Council's website.

The Research Councils will be working with BIS to further develop and streamline these metrics to maximise their usefulness in interpreting Councils' performance.


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