Road safety

This section of the website contains information on the Government’s Road Safety Strategy and its targets for reducing the number of road deaths and injuries by 2010. In addition there is information about Government policies and initiatives and advice for all road users. For news of our latest campaigns and road safety advice, visit the THINK! road safety website.

Independent expert appointed on drink and drug driving

Sir Peter North has been asked to provide advice on the merit of specific proposals for changes to the legislative regime for drink and drug driving, reporting by the end of March 2010. His report will inform the final contents of the next road safety strategy. For drink driving, the report will advise on the case for changes to the prescribed alcohol limit for driving (either reducing the current limit, or adding a new, lower limit, with an associated revised penalty regime). For drug driving, the study will advise on whether there is a need for new legislation to make it an offence to drive with a named substance in the body. For both drink and drugs, the study will also set out the likely impacts of any changes on driver behaviour, and the practical steps needed to support introduction of any or revised offence.

Independent expert review of drink and drug driving laws

The Government is keen to promote measures to further reduce the number of deaths caused by drink and drug driving. Sir Peter North will advise Ministers on the merit of specific proposals for changes to the legislative regime for drink and drug driving, reporting by the end of March 2010.

Driving for Work

The Driving for Work website has now been closed and the content has been transferred. Managing employees who drive for work brings economic benefits – and there is also a legal requirement to include driving within policies for the health and safety of employees and those who are affected by their activities. Guidance on how to set up a driving for work policy has been moved to the Driving for Better Business website.

14 September 2009

A Safer Way: Consultation on Making Britain's Roads the Safest in the World

This consultation document seeks views on the vision, targets and measures for improving road safety in Great Britain beyond 2010. The views received in response to the proposals put forward will influence the final shape of the Department's next road safety strategy, which is due to be published at the end of the year.

A Safer Way: Consultation on Making Britain’s roads the safest in the world - a toolkit

The elements of this Toolkit have been designed as a resource for organisations who want to encourage their members to participate in the consultation on a new road safety strategy for Great Britain.

Strategy, targets and performance

Including Tomorrow's roads: safer for everyone - the Government's strategy for improving road safety over the next decade.

Road Safety Act 2006

Information about the Road Safety Act 2006.

Child road safety

Guidance, resources and activities for those individuals and bodies responsible for educating children about road safety.

Demonstration and partnership projects

Information on the Department's work with local authorities on road safety demonstration and partnership projects.

Driver and rider safety

Information for drivers and riders.

Economic assessment

Department for Transport estimates of the values for prevention of road casualties and road accidents for use in the appraisal of road schemes.

Local authority guidance

Road safety information, guidance and good practice for local authorities.


DfT road safety research projects covering the behaviour of drivers and other road users, and measures that can be taken to promote greater road safety.

Speed management

How and why the Department for Transport is committed to reducing the number of injuries and fatalities caused by excessive or inappropriate speed. This section incorporates information and guidance about the use and management of safety cameras (speed cameras and red light cameras) in the UK.

Road safety partnership grant scheme

To further support local highway authorities in delivering casualty reduction targets locally, an annual £4million Road Safety Partnership Grant Scheme was launched at the end of October 2006, inviting bids from all local highway authorities in England.

Road Safety Grant Challenge Fund Criteria

A fund which can provide grants to outside bodies (other than local authorities) with innovative proposals for improving road safety and reducing casualties.

Road safety grants

Government's response to the Transport Committee's report on traffic law

This document (CM 6442) is the Government's Response to the Transport Committee's Report on Traffic Law and its Enforcement, which was published on 31st October 2004.

RSAP(01)7 Progress report to end March 2001

This is the third of a continuing series of quarterly reports on progress towards delivering the many commitments in the road safety strategy, "Tomorrow' roads - safer for everyone", that will help achieve the Government's casualty reduction targets for 2010. The report does not cover separate progress and achievements in Scotland and Wales.

31 May 2005

Implementation report to end June 2002

Implementation report to end June 2002 (spreadsheet).

Road Safety Delivery Board Minutes for 2008 and Terms of Reference

The second three-year review of the government’s Road Safety Strategy “Tomorrow’s Roads: Safer for Everyone” committed to the establishment of a Road Safety Delivery Board. The Board consists of senior members of the agencies responsible for delivering road safety on the ground. Through their expertise and contacts, and in dialogue with each other, the Board’s task is to spread best practice and tackle obstacles. As the name implies, the Board’s overwhelming focus is on delivery on the ground.

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