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General information regarding the use of the RCUK website

This section is here to provide assistance with using the RCUK website, it is intended to cover any questions you may have.

If your query isn't covered here, or you have a suggestion or need further assistance, please contact the RCUK Web Manager.

General information


Printing pages on the RCUK website is best done using the "Printer Friendly" option found at the bottom of the page.

Image of the printer friendly link, displayed at the bottom of the page

By following this link, you will be presented with a version of the page which is correctly formatted for printing. Simply print this page as you would normally.

Many pages will print correctly without the need to use the "Printer Friendly" option, but this depends entirely on the page itself. Therefore it is advisable to use the "Printer Friendly" option every time.


Images on the RCUK website have been used with permission. If you wish to use any of the images you see on our website, please contact the RCUK Web Manager.


Printer Friendly  Printer Friendly

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