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Policy documents and reports

  • Health of Disciplines: Annual Report
  • The Annual Report to the UK Research Base Funders’ Forum on the health of disciplines, provides an overview of the supply of academic researchers and the demand from both the public and private sectors.
  • 14/10/08
  • Researchers: What is the situation? Annual Report
  • The Annual Report to the UK Research Base Funders’ Forum: Researchers: What is the situation? provides an overview of the current situation regarding research staff in the UK.
  • 18/07/07
  • Increasing the Economic Impact of the Research Councils: An Action Plan
  • This document sets out the strategy for delivering a significant increase in the economic, social and cultural impact of the Research Councils' investments.
  • 30/01/07
  • Universal ethical code for scientists
  • The Office of Science and Innovation (OSI) have requested information on how Research Councils' existing policies and procedures reflect the provisions of the Council for Science and Technology's (CST) "universal ethical code for scientists".
  • 03/10/06
  • Increasing the economic impact of Research Councils
  • In February 2006 the Director General of Science and Innovation invited Mr Peter Warry, the Chair of the Particle Physics and Astronomy Research Council, to establish a group of experts drawn from academia, business, and the Research Councils to advise him on how Research Councils could deliver – and demonstrate they are delivering – a major increase in the economic impact of their investments.
  • 07/08/06
  • Impact of the Roberts' Review Enhanced Stipends and Salaries for Researchers
  • The Research Councils have funded a study to assess the initial impact of enhanced salaries and stipends on the recruitment and retention of postgraduate and postdoctoral researchers in key shortage areas.
  • 01/08/06
  • Academic Fellowships boost interdisciplinary research and outreach says new report
  • The Research Councils UK Academic Fellowships scheme, launched in 2004 to provide attractive and stable research career paths for promising researchers, has provided a boost to interdisciplinary research and outreach according to a report reviewing the two years of the programme.
  • 27/07/06
  • Research Councils UK publishes update of position statement on access to research outputs
  • RCUK today reaffirms its commitment to the guiding principles that publicly funded research must be made available and accessible for public examination as rapidly as practical; published research outputs should be effectively peer-reviewed; this must be a cost effective use of public funds; and outputs must be preserved and remain accessible for future generations. The statement sets out a framework through which individual Councils can develop guidance appropriate to their research communities.
  • 28/06/06
  • External challenge
  • RCUK's External Challenge and response to the External Challenge
  • 08/06/06
  • Research Councils respond to the five public policy challenges facing the UK
  • Research Councils preliminary response to the HM Treasury's five public policy challenges for the 2007 Comprehensive Spending Review.
  • 17/03/06

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