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Better services for the research community

The Research Councils are committed to working with the academic community and the Higher Education Funding Councils to provide more effective and efficient services, reducing the level of bureaucracy for researchers and university administrators.

In looking at the opportunities for administrative harmonisation and convergance across the Research Councils, priority has been given to those activities which have the potential to deliver the greatest benefit to the research community.

Priority has therefore been given to developing and implementing a joint Research Councils research administration system with the ultimate aim of enabling the electronic processing of grants, fellowship and studentship applications and awards from their initial submission to completion.

Equally important is the joint implementation of the full economic cost model for funding research, which is an essential component of the Government's drive to achieve a sustainable research base in the UK.

RCUK promotes the sharing of good practice and continues to support the RCUK Assurance Programme, and runs a joint benchmarking programme of Councils' peer review processes.


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