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UK strategy for science and innovation

The Government is committed to ensuring the UK is one of the most competitive locations in the world for research and innovation, as it believes that support for science and innovation is central to success in the international economy, as global restructuring focuses developed economies towards knowledge-based and high value-added sectors. The Government's long term goal is for the UK to continue to close the productivity gap by achieving a faster rate of growth than its main competitors. At the heart of this is research and innovation - excellent research to generate new knowledge and ideas and provide highly skilled people; and innovation to put this knowledge to work, delivering new goods, services and public benefits.

The Secretary of State for Trade and Industry has overall responsibility for the Government’s science policy. The Secretary of State is supported in this role by the Department’s Minister for Science and Innovation.

The Government’s vision for UK science and innovation is set out in the Science and Innovation Investment Framework 2004-2014.

The Framework sets out the Government’s aspirations for science and innovation over the next decade, their contribution to UK economic growth and public services, and the research funding system needed to deliver this. The Framework also sets an ambitious target to increase public and private sector investment in R&D as a percentage of gross national product (GDP) from 1.9 per cent in 2004 to 2.5 per cent by 2014.

Progress towards the goals in the Framework is monitored by Government using a comprehensive set of indicators. Reports will be published annually in July each year.

On 22 March 2006, HM Treasury published Science and Innovation Investment Framework 2004-2014: Next Steps. This sets out the Government’s thoughts on the long-term challenges facing UK science and innovation and invites views on a range of new proposals designed to create a more effective science and innovation system in the UK, and maximise the impact of public investment in research on the economy. For more information visit the consultations section of the website.

Further information about the Government’s strategy for science and innovation in the global context can be found in:

The Pre-Budget Report
The HM Treasury report "Globalisation and the UK- strength and opportunity to meet the economic challenge"


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