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The RCUK Review of Energy will take place in April 2010. This review is organised by the EPSRC on behalf of all UK Research Councils and in conjunction with the learned societies to provide an independent assessment of the quality and impact of the UK programme.

More about the review
Further details

Scope of the review
Remit, areas covered, terms of reference

Steering Committee
Role and membership

Members of the review panel
Potential panel members are currently being considered and recruited following the nomination process. Further details will become available in due course.

RCUK Review of Energy Evidence Framework
To make sure that all strategic issues are covered, the framework sets out questions to help guide the review panel’s activities during the review week. The steering committee is currently in the process of agreeing the overall framework for the review so further details will be published when it becomes available.

Review Week
During the review week the panel will meet with some of the leading energy scientists in the UK. Further details will be published in due course.

If you have any questions about the review, please contact Jo Garrad (+44 1793 444054).


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