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Terms and Conditions of Research Council fEC Grants

In 2005 the Research Councils published a harmonised set of core terms and conditions for those research grants funded on the basis of full economic costs (fEC). These terms and conditions were revised in the Spring of 2008 in the light of experience with fEC and other developments, and combined the terms and conditions for Research Grants with those for Fellowships into a single harmonised set.

These terms and conditions have now been revised again (October 2009) to incorporate changes to the following Grant Conditions. The conditions that have been changed are:

  • GC 1 - the Concordat paragraph has been updated;

  • GC2 – first paragraph, last line amended to “research” integrity;

  • GC 3 – expanded to state ”Grant funds include a provision for inflation based on the GDP Deflators published by HM Government.  The value of the grant may be varied by the Research Council during the lifetime of the grant in accordance with the deflators or to take into account any other Government decisions affecting the funding available to the Research Councils.” and “Grant funds cannot be used to meet the costs of any item where the activity falls outside the period of the grant, e.g. when travel falls outside the grant period, the costs cannot be charged to the grant even if the tickets, etc. can be purchased in advance.”

  • GC5 – expanded to state the circumstances where the full value of Estates, Indirect Costs and Infrastructure Technicians should not be claimed following changes in staffing levels;

  • GC6 – expanded to state that funds can only be transferred and used to meet the cost of activity or activities that meet the agreed aims and objectives of the project, and to state that Research Councils reserve the right to query any expenditure outlined in the Final Expenditure Statement, which has not been incurred in line with the Grant Terms and Conditions;

  • GC7 – expanded to include extended jury service;

  • GC24 – amended to state changes to payment profiles may affect the overall value of the grant.

The Research Councils will apply these terms and conditions to grants (including fellowships) announced from 1 October 2009.

Download the full Terms and Conditions PDF, 81KB

Download peer review guidance for grants PDF, 81KB

Download grants FAQ PDF, 81KB

Letters to the Community

A letter has been issued to Finance Directors of Universities on 14 January 2008 requesting information by 8 February 2008 that will allow Research Councils to ensure that sufficient provision is made available in their financial planning to meet the costs of pay modernisation.
View the letter here PDF, 27KB.

A letter has been issued to Finance Directors on 17 October providing guidance on the information that Research Councils will require from 1 November 2007 at end-of-grant reconciliation in order to judge the additional level of costs sought as a result of the pay modernisation in universities.
View the letter here PDF, 50KB.

The latest update was issued on 18 June 2007. This letter includes emerging and existing FEC issues as well as arrangements for indexation and university pay modernisation.
View the letter here PDF, 39KB.

A second letter was issued on 25 May 2006. This letter provides further feedback to Research Organisations following the peer review process for some Councils, and draws attention to some important issues.
View the letter here PDF, 56KB.

A letter was issued to Finance Directors and Heads of Research Administration on 16 November 2005 to provide some initial feedback to Research Organisations following the introduction of FEC in September 2005.
View the letter here PDF, 56KB.


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