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The National Traffic Control Centre collects real-time information on road conditions

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The Highways Agency's Traffic Control Centre Project

Services to be Delivered


View tree structure of services

The TCC Company will be required to deliver a range of services designed to achieve the project objectives. Each service is specified to deliver a particular aspect of high-quality strategic traffic management by ensuring that:

  • It contributes to the overall goals of the project
  • Service quality can be influenced by the actions of the TCC Company
  • Quantitative measures exist for performance and that these are related to payment for the services that TCC Company provide

The individual services are arranged in five distinct categories:

  • Collection of Network and Traffic Information - decision support information including a database of road network characteristics, information about incidents and other events (roadworks, accidents, etc), traffic flow and journey times, and weather conditions information
  • Response to Events - to develop response plans to support the determination of the appropriate information to be provided during incidents; to implement these plans during incident conditions; and to analyse previously implemented plans on the basis of past experience
  • Public Information Services - the means by which the TCC Company will provide information to the public, including installing variable message signs at key locations on the road network; providing information to media organisations; providing an internet site and an interactive telephone service
  • Network Operations Support - related to the TCC Company's obligations to provide information and take actions that will improve the ability of other organisations to perform their duties in managing the transport network
  • Management Services - e.g. operation of the control centre, and administering the Travel Information Highway (an internet-based service that enables the exchange of information between transport organisations)

The combined effect of these individual services will result in an improvement in journey time reliability and reduced levels of congestion caused by incidents.