Annual reports

Section 74(1) of the Railways Act 1993 requires ORR to make an annual report to the Secretary of State for Transport as soon as practicable after the end of each financial year (1 April to 31 March). The report is laid before each House of Parliament and before the Scottish Parliament. The report summarises the key activities and events of the reporting year against the framework of objectives set out in ORR's business plan.

Information about ORR's health and safety work, industry inspection, enforcement, incident investigations, complaints from the public and the development of topic strategies is included in this report. However, information about the industry's health and safety performance is published in a separate companion document: the Railway Safety Statistical Report. This latter publication deals with level crossing statistics, trespass and vandalism statistics, rolling stock and infrastructure failures, employee health and safety, collisions, derailments and other incidents. It covers a calendar year rather than a financial year, in order to allign with the reporting requirements of the European Rail Agency.

Current and previous versions of ORR's Annual Report are available below in PDF format.

2008-09 Annual report and resource accounts
2007-08 Annual report and resource accounts - (plus low resolution version)
Annual report 2006-2007 PDF
2005-2006 PDF colour version
2004-2005 PDF colour version
2003-2004 PDF colour version
2002-2003 PDF colour version in two parts Pages 1-25 and Pages 26-48
2001-2002 (PDF colour version with pictures)
2000-2001 (PDF colour version with pictures)
1999-2000 (PDF colour version with pictures in sections) (whole annual report)
1998-1999 PDF version
1997-1998 PDF version

Last updated: 3 June 2009

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