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Pitcairn Islands (British Overseas Territory)

Flag of Pitcairn Henderson Ducie & Oeno Islands
Pitcairn, Henderson, Ducie and Oeno Islands

Map of the Pitcairn Islands Last reviewed: 13 November 2007

Country information

Map of Pitcairn Islands

Status: British Overseas Territory
Area: 4.5 sq km (2 sq m)
Population: 51
Capital City: Adamstown (Administrative Centre)
People: Descended from the mutineers from the HMS Bounty and their Tahitian companions
Languages: English and Pitkern. The latter is a mixture of English and Tahitian and became an official language in 1997.
Religion(s): Seventh Day Adventist
Currency: New Zealand Dollar
Majorpolitical parties: There are no political parties. The Pitcairn IslandCouncil is made up of community elected Councillors.
Governor: His Excellency George Fergusson (resident in Wellington)
Chief Minister: Pitcairn’s mayor is Michael Warren who was elected in December 2007 for a 3-year period.
Administration:Pitcairn is administered by the Government of Pitcairn Islands (GPI),made up of the Governor’s Office in Wellington, the Pitcairn IslandsOffice (PIO) in Auckland and the Pitcairn Island Council. The majorpart of the general administration of Pitcairn is conducted by PIO.The PIO is run by a Commissioner appointed by the Governor. The currentCommissioner is Mr Leslie Jaques.
National Day: 23 January - Bounty Day. This commemorates the day in 1790 when HMS Bounty was scuppered

Country information

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Travel Advice: Pitcairn Islands 

Overseas Territories Department

Foreign & Commonwealth Office
London SW1A 2AH
Tel: 020-7008 1500
Fax: 020-7008 2086

Pitcairn Islands Office
P.O. Box 105 696
New Zealand
Tel: 0064 9 366 0186
Fax: 0064 9 366 0187

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