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Project Papers

Scoping Note (pdf, 39kb)

Interim Report (pdf, 259kb)

Additional Annexes

Annex E: Greening Government Procurement (pdf, 40kb)

Annex F: The Role of Alternative Technologies (pdf, 31kb)

Annex G: Treatment and Disposal of Residual Waste - MBT in context (pdf, 38kb)

Annex H - Biowaste (pdf, 45kb)

Annex I - International Comparisons of Economic Instruments for Waste Management (pdf, 20kb)

Annex J: SU work on the Health Effects of Waste Management (pdf, 20kb)

Annex K: New Delivery Frameworks (pdf, 20kb)

Annex L: Modelling, Data and Assumptions (pdf, 60kb)

Annex M - Moving Beyond the SU Strategy (pdf, 20kb)

Annex N: Bibliography (pdf, 21kb)

Working/Research Papers:

The Context for Emissions and Health Impacts Associated with Waste Management (pdf, 113kb) An SU commissioned report by Enviros Aspinwall

Public Attitudes Towards Recycling and Waste Management  (pdf, 225kb) SU commissioned research by MORI

Delivering the Landfill Directive:The role of new & emerging technologies An SU commissioned report by Dr Stuart McLanaghan

Analysis of Household Waste Composition and Factors Driving Waste Increases (pdf, 417kb) Dr Julian Parfitt, WRAP

Model Forecasts of Recycling Participation Rates and Material Capture Rates for Possible Future Recycling Scenarios  (pdf, 170kb) SU commissioned research by Peter Tucker and David Speirs, University of Paisley.

Collection Cost Projections (pdf, 65kb),an SU commissioned report by Dr Julia Hummel, Eco Alternatives Limited

Management of Wider Wastes  (pdf, 140kb) - SU commissioned report by Dr Jane Beasley, Chartered Institution of Wastes Management

Also see:

DEFRA response to the Waste report (May 6, 2003) The Department for the Environment, Food and Rural Affairs, has published the Government's response to the Strategy Unit report 'Waste Not, Want Not' , which set out at a strategy to reduce the amount of household waste going into landfill sites. The Government response to Strategy Unit Waste Study (pdf, 143kb) also sets out follow-up action for Government, who has lead responsibility and the timetable.