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This website brings together in one place all the information, products and guidance which we have produced for those involved in reform of public services workforce.

The Cabinet Office Pay and Workforce team works through well-established networks to develop and disseminate cross public service pay and workforce reform policy. Having helped develop departmental capacity through pay and workforce strategies, the team now focuses on adding value to pay and workforce reform across public services by working together with departments, employers, leadership centres and unions.

Pay and workforce reform has a central role to play in securing cost effective customer focused public services. Creating a flexible and responsive workforce, with the right skills and motivation, will help to ensure public services improve, innovate and truly meet the needs of citizens. The Government's drive to secure greater efficiency to recycle additional resources into front line services will also have profound implications for the workforce.

By tackling these cross cutting pay and workforce issues with our policy and delivery partners, and in concert with other parts of the Cabinet Office, the Pay and Workforce team plays a key role in driving forward, enabling, and embedding joined up workforce reform.