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The Public Services Forum has developed an online resource for public service organisations about employee involvement in service improvements called Drive for Change. To find out more and to access the toolkit, see below.

Organisations across the private and public sectors at some time all face the need for change, improving the way services are delivered and products developed.

A key factor in any successful change programme is a commitment to engaging and involving the workforce. A workforce that is convinced of the need for change and involved in the full process is much more likely to be committed to implementing any changes decided, and committed to the organisation as a whole.

If managers, employees and trade unions work together, organisations can innovate by tapping into staff knowledge and experience. This will support long-term solutions for present and future service user needs. Joint problem solving between staff and managers helps organisations learn and helps build a wider understanding of how service improvements can be implemented.

Trade union engagement can give employees the assurance that changes are for the benefit of the service and the workforce. Unions also give employees a voice that can contribute to bringing about the cultural changes essential to service improvement.

Use the link below to access to the Drive for Change toolkit. This has been developed in partnership with the TUC and is a practical toolkit to help public sector organisations make the most of employee engagement.

The development of an interactive toolkit about workforce engagement was recommended by an independent report commissioned by the Cabinet Office: