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British Dam Society

BDS exists to advance the education of the public and the profession in technical subjects relating to planning, design, construction, maintenance, operation, safety, environmental and social issues.

Defra: Flood and Coastal Erosion Risk Management

Defra has overall policy responsibility for flood and coastal erosion risk in England. Defra funds most of the Environment Agency's flood management activities in England and provides grant aid on a project by project basis to the other flood and coastal defence operating authorities (local authorities and internal drainage boards) to support their investment in capital improvement projects to manage flood and coastal erosion risk. Defra does not build defences, nor direct the authorities on which specific projects to undertake. The works programme to manage risk is driven by the operating authorities. We regard this arrangement as a partnership, try to ensure that risk is managed effectively by the authorities and provide guidance to help ensure this. Traditionally, flooding in this context has meant from watercourses or the sea rather than from other sources. However, Defra's new strategy (Making space for water) is taking a holistic approach to management of risk from all forms of flooding (river, coastal, groundwater, surface run-off and sewer) and coastal erosion, and seeking to ensure the programme helps deliver sustainable development.

Environment Agency

The Environment Agency provides flood warnings online 24 hours a day. From this page you can view warnings in force in each of our eight regions covering England and Wales

Flood Hazard Research Centre

FHRC specialises in the interaction between people and the environment, together with the analysis and appraisal of environmental policies. A large part of the research refers to the management of the water environment.

Foresight Project on Flood and Coastal Defence

The aim of the project was:
To produce a challenging and long-term (30 - 100 years) vision for the future of flood and coastal defence in the whole of the UK that takes account of the many uncertainties, is robust, and can be used as a basis to inform policy and its delivery.

Scottish Environment Protection Agency – Flooding

SUDS Sustainable Drainage Systems