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Social cohesion

David Halpern, Research Director at the Institute for Government discussed the importance of citizens' ability to get along with each other for economic performance, life chances and wellbeing. He looked at the key drivers of citizens' relationships with each other; what role government might play and policy options/measures that flowed from this - particularly in relation to the ‘economy of regard’ (the non-fiscal exchanges between citizens) and the linked idea of the an ‘affiliative state’ (policy solutions that go with the grain of citizens’ willingness to help each other). 

David Halpern is Director of Research, and was the founding Director of the Institute for Government. He served in the Forward Strategy Unit, then the Prime Minister's Strategy Unit from 2001-2007, and was responsible for setting up the Social Exclusion Task Force at Cabinet Office. He previously held positions at the Faculty of Social and Political Sciences, Cambridge (where he still lectures); Nuffield College, Oxford; the Centre for European Studies, Harvard; and the Policy Studies Institute, London.