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Joined-up government needs joined-up information systems. The e-Government Metadata Standard (e-GMS) lays down the elements, refinements and encoding schemes to be used by government officers when creating metadata for their information resources or when designing search systems for information systems. The e-GMS forms part of the e-GIF
The e-GMS is required to ensure maximum consistency of metadata across public sector organisations.
The Metadata FAQ section may also be helpful.

Key documents relating to the e-GMS can be found below.  

e-GMS 3.1
e-GMS Version 3.1 for Websites
Latest Metadata Working Group (MWG) meeting minutes
Latest Metadata Technical Working Group (MTWG) meeting minutes
e-GMS Encoding Scheme - Type 1.0 
e-GMS Encoding Scheme - Audience (draft) 

Other Published Documents relating to the eGMS can be found here