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The Library and Information Centre

Library and Information Centre Facilities

The Emergency Planning College Library and Information Centre has developed a reputation for excellence and is recognised by the European Commission, as the UK Documenation Centre for Emergency Planning.

Opening Times

Mon – Thurs:  0830 – 1845     Fri:  0830 – 1300

The Collection

The Library holds the UK's largest collection of emergency planning information and aims to:

The resources available from the library are wide–ranging, from books, journals and reports through to a collection of emergency plans, live and tabletop exercises,DVDs and CD-ROMs. Fully equipped with internet and wi–fi access,  the library offers delegates and researchers a comfortable setting for both documentary and electronic research.

New Additions to the Library


Research Facilities

The library facilities are open to bona-fide researchers as well as course delegates. There are flexible research packages available to non–delegates, with the option to visit on a daily basis, or make use of the on–site accommodation available and stay overnight.

A nominal charge is made for research use of the library, inclusive of any refreshments and meals taken during your stay, and where applicable, any accommodation costs.

If you are interested in arranging a research visit please contact the Librarian by telephone (+44(0)1347 825007) or email

Student Group Facilities

The library and Information Centre also offers its services to groups of public service and uniformed services course students. By tailoring a day to the requirements of the course tutor, a visit to the EPC offers an ideal opportunity for these groups to carry out course assignments in a friendly and flexible working environment. In addition to the first class research facilities on offer, the College can offer input from one of its teaching staff to provide students with a first hand insight into how emergency planning is organised in the UK. Study packs of relevant material can be made available, along with the use of the library's Study Room/Internet Cafe.

Charges for study visits are reasonably priced, based on the individual requirements of the group. We ask that arrangements are made by the course tutor, who will be required to supervise the visit.

If you are interested in arranging a student group visit please contact the Sales Team on 01347 825009 or email