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University Partnership – Leeds University Business School

We launched the competition with the advertisement in The Times on 15th October 2004. A total of 23 universities, colleges and training companies responded and attended the briefing day at Easingwold on 23rd November. When the tenders closed on 15th February 2005 we had received 9 full bids. Separate tender boards sat in Easingwold and Glasgow and assessed the technical/professional and commercial/price criteria respectively. The results of the 2 boards were then integrated and the outcome agreed in March 2005.

Our aim was to select the best bid that was affordable within our budget, not the cheapest compliant offer. Knowledge of emergency planning and civil protection was highly desirable but not an essential criterion, and therefore would only bear directly on the outcome if the ranking was close in other areas. In the event Leeds University Business School emerged as the clear winner, and in June 2005 we jointly signed and announced the contract.