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Cefic is the Brussels-based organization representing the European chemical industry.

Chemical Hazards and Poisons Report

The Chemical Hazards and Poisons Report is provided for colleagues in the Health Protection Agency, National Health Service, Government departments, allied agencies, and first line responders. CHaPD recognises that training in non-infectious environmental hazards is a priority. These reports aim to share experiences in chemical incident management and allied issues.


CHEMSAFE is a voluntary scheme run by the Chemical Industries Association and is an integral part of the chemical industry's Responsible Care initiative. It is also consistent with the objectives of CEFIC's International Chemical Environment (ICE) programme.
CHEMSAFE has been developed to provide a rapid and co-ordinated response to minimise adverse effects to the public, property and the environment following a chemical distribution incident.
CHEMSAFE sets down performance standards for responding to emergencies, based upon the following response levels:
Level 1 - Provision of information
Level 2 - Provision of advice at the incident scene
Level 3 - Provision of practical assistance at the incident scene

Compendium of Chemical Hazards

An online information resource for the public and all the professionals who may be involved in advising and responding to chemical incidents, mainly the public health professionals and emergency services.

Control of Major Accident Hazards (COMAH)

This page provides information about the Control of Major Accident Hazards Regulations 1999 (COMAH) which came into force on 1 April 1999 and are amended by the Control of Major Accident Hazards (Amendment) Regulations 2005 from 30 June 2005. They implement Council Directive 96/82/EC known as the Seveso II Directive, as amended by Directive 2003/105/EC and replaced the Control of Industrial Major Accident Hazards Regulations 1984 (CIMAH).

Dangerous Goods Emergency Action Code

Lists Hazchem emergency action codes for United Nations listed dangerous goods approved for transport.

Major Accident Hazards Bureau

The Major Accident Hazards Bureau (MAHB) is a special Unit within the Joint Research Centre's Institute for the Protection and Security of the Citizen, Hazard Assessment Unit, dedicated to scientific and technical support for the actions of the European Commission in the area of the control of Major Industrial Hazards.

National Chemical Emergencies Centre

The NCEC provides a range of products and services for chemical manufacturers, distributors, traders and others involved with the chemicals supply chain. These products and services not only help you to comply with legislation, but also provide help to Emergency Responders when preparing for, or responding to Hazmat incidents.

UK Government Decontamination Service