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Well-being at work

“The workplace can be a key setting for improving people's health and well-being.”
(Dame Carol Black, ‘Working for a Healthier Tomorrow’)

A healthier public service workforce will deliver benefits for everyone: employees will have the direct benefits of improved health and motivation and employers will have a more efficient and productive workforce, delivering better services.

Public services should lead by example, providing a working environment where the health and well being of the employee is a key factor in the design of jobs, where support is provided to employees when they are ill and on their return to work and where sickness absence issues are managed effectively and efficiently.

The PSF believes that employers and trade unions should work openly and positively towards improving the health and wellbeing of the workforce.

Report on Public Services Seminar March 2007: Improving the Health of the Public Sector Workforce

On 13 March 2007 a PSF seminar on improving the health of the public services workforce held and attended by employer and trade union delegates from across a range of public services.  The purpose of this seminar was:

  1. to underline the PSF’s commitment to the Government's 2005 Health, Work and Well-being strategy;
  2. to promote employer and trade union engagement;    
  3. and to seek views on how this could be achieved and what barriers existed. 

Through workshops, delegates explored the broad themes of long-term absence: improving work, improving well-being; occupational health; line management; and partnership working.  Each workshop considered the main challenges and problems, examples of success and proposed the key messages to report back to the PSF.  This report was produced subsequent to the event and contains a digest of the emerging themes from the discussion.