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Gold Standard

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The purpose of  Gold Standard is to enhance UK Resilience by providing the multi-agency civil command team training necessary for the effective management of major emergencies and events.

Why is it needed?

There is an existing significant gap between individual and collective training for those who may be charged with providing the direction to ensure a successful outcome from events that could challenge UK Resilience. Consequently, there is a risk that the effectiveness of response may be degraded, because key leaders and supporting staff have not been able to train together often enough as teams in realistic and pressurised, but controlled, environments.  

Who is it for?

The flexibility of system design allows its use across the Public Sector spectrum centred on the Gold Co-ordination/Command Group through Regional to Lead Government Departments. This includes members of Local Resilience Forums, Regional Civil Contingencies Committees, central emergency management teams in Devolved Administrations, the NHS, Government Departments and Agencies and all other Public Sector organisations that have a role in crisis response arrangements.    However, the Gold Standard is much more than a training tool just for the Public Sector. It is also designed and available to support the specific needs of the Private Sector. The system does of course support companies and organisations that have duties to discharge under civil protection legislation but it also assists companies and organisations whose products and operations require close attention to incident, emergency and business continuity management.

What is Gold Standard?

Gold Standard encompasses a mixture of people, technologies and procedures that are brought together to work as a system to support team training at the senior decision-making level. The system is designed to deliver a complete training service driven by the specific needs of individual customers. A key and significant aspect of the Gold Standard system is that it operates alongside customer's own in-place command and control centre technologies and arrangements. This allows users to work with their own operating models, processes and procedures thereby gaining not only training benefit but validation for their operating arrangements. The Gold Standard system therefore provides each customer with the choice of whether to train in their own command facilities or elsewhere in concert with their specific training need and level of operation (local, regional or national).

What does Gold Standard do?

Scenario Realisation - Each exercise or training event is bespoke but founded on underlying common components for economy and standardisation of training effect across all user communities. The common components are drawn from the Risk Registers that have been constructed across the UK to inform civil protection planning arrangements. They encompass the following event areas:

Fire & Explosion; Gas and LPG Ð landing, storage, processing, transmission, transport.

Toxic or Radioactive or Chemical Release; The circumstances mentioned above including malicious release.

Transportation Incidents; Ships, ferries, passenger liners, trains, aircraft, and road vehicles with associated fires, explosions, toxic release etc.

Weather Related Events; Storms, winds, rain, flooding, snow, cold and heat-wave.Human Disease; Pandemic influenza, Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome (SARS), food contamination, novo virus etc.

Animal Disease; Epidemic Foot and Mouth Disease (FMD), Avian Influenza etc.

Disruption of Essential Supplies and Services; Logistic and technical disruption of essential supplies and services (oil, gas, electricity, water, food, telecommunications including data transmission, transfer and payment). 

Environmental Impact;  Any or all of the above may affect the environment and the remediation of such damage is an important component of the recovery phase of operations.

Among other key operating functions the Gold Standard system will:

  1. Interface with customer's existing    Communication Suites.
  2. Have the ability to adjust scenario timelines   forward or back.
  3. Measure decisions and map consequences.
  4. Provide objective critique of outcomes.
  5. Provide a comprehensive Take-Home pack   to players for validation of own Policy, Plans   and Procedures.
  6. To take your organisation up to the GOLD STANDARD

For further information or to discuss your particular requirements for a Gold Standard training event or exercise, please contact +44(0)1347 825135/825027, email: [site currently under construction]