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Amplified Live Music

Thee pages of sound Advice cover events where an audience listens to live music that uses amplification and sound reinforceent equipent.

Standing Committee on Structural Safety

SCOSS - the Standing Committee on Structural Safety - is an independent body established by the Institution of Civil Engineers and the Institution of Structural Engineers and others in 1976 to maintain a continuing review of building and civil engineering matters affecting the safety of structures.

BASICS (British Association for Immediate Care)

This database contains details of more than 6,350 disasters and incidents around the world.  The information was compiled by Dr K C Hines, a BASICS doctor operating in the London area and Dr Hines holds more information on many of the incidents listed.
Incidents are listed by type and then by country within those pages.  To search for a specific incident please use the box below - when you find the page containing the information you can scroll down to it or use the 'find' facility on your edit menu.

Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, Emergency Preparedness and Response Page

Department of Health, Emergency Planning

NHS contingency plans and advice on preparing for specific types of disasters and attacks.

Department of Health, Examples of Good Practice

Department of Health, Bird Flu Page

A severe form of avian influenza or ‘bird flu’ – called H5N1 – has affected poultry flocks and other birds in several countries since 2003. As of 24 August 2006, 241 people have also caught the infection, as a result of close and direct contact with infected birds. One hundred and forty one of these have subsequently died. There is no firm evidence that H5N1 has acquired the ability to pass easily from person to person. However, concern remains that the virus might develop this ability, or that it might mix with human flu viruses to create a new virus. It is this ability of avian influenza, to change and to mix, that has given rise to the fear of a new human flu pandemic. This regularly updated feature explains the background to the disease, and assesses the nature of the risk to people living in the UK.

Health Protection Agency

The Health Protection Agency's role is to provide an integrated approach to protecting UK public health through the provision of support and advice to the NHS, local authorities, emergency services, other Arms Length Bodies, the Department of Health and the Devolved Administrations.

Health Protection Agency, Emergency Preparedness and Response

The Centre for Emergency Preparedness and Response provides a central source of authoritative scientific/medical information and other specialist advice on both the planning and operational responses to major incidents and wider public health or other emergencies.

Health Protection Agency, Centre for Emergency Preparedness and Response (Porton Down)

The Centre for Emergency Preparedness and Response plays an important role in preparing for and co-ordinating responses to potential healthcare emergencies, including possible acts of deliberate release.

DEFRA, Bird Flu Page

Avian influenza is a highly infectious notifiable disease affecting many species of birds, including commercial, wild and pet birds.

World Health Organization Global Influenza Programme

WHO continues to track the evolving infectious disease situation, sound the alarm when needed, share expertise, and mount the kind of response needed to protect populations from the consequences of epidemics, whatever and wherever might be their origin.

Doctors for Disaster Preparedness

DDP promotes homeland defense and prudent preparedness for disasters of all kinds, including war or terrorism. Its annual meeting brings together America's foremost authorities on strategic and civil defense as well as prominent scientists speaking on real threats or manufactured scares.

HSE Advisory Committee on Dangerous Pathogens

ACDP advises the Health and Safety Commission, the Health and Safety Executive, Health and Agriculture Ministers and their counterparts under devolution in Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland, as required, on all aspects of hazards and risks to workers and others from exposure to pathogens.

Health Protection Scotland – Incidents & Outbreaks

Health Protection Scotland has a role in providing support and advice in managing outbreaks and incidents across Scotland in collaboration with NHS boards, Local Authorities and other agencies.

This section of the website provides:

National Public Health Service for Wales – Emergency Preparedness