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Image: small strategy unit logo Countries at Risk of Instability

The Prime Minister asked the Strategy Unit to lead a cross-Whitehall programme team to analyse the challenges raised by countries at risk of instability (CRI) and recommend how the UK should improve its strategic response to them.

The programme was sponsored by the Foreign and Commonwealth Office and the Department for International Development. The programme team consulted widely in the UK and internationally, including with the United Nations, European Union, and non-governmental organisations.


Strategy and Risk Assessment Manuals

In the course on the project the team developed process manuals for performing risk assessment and strategic analysis of countries at risk of instability. The first manual cover the content and tools for analysis based on the "Instability Framework". The second manual gives a process timetable and design for carrying out an extensive strategic process between multiple organisations. These manuals are currently being used in the UK government and will be periodically updated based on experience.

Project Documents

Project Background

Further Information

For further information, or to check the availability of hard copies of the report, please contact the Strategy Unit.