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Image: small strategy unit logo About the Strategy Unit

Origins and reporting line

The Unit was set up in 2002, bringing together the Performance and Innovation Unit (PIU) and the Prime Minister's Forward Strategy Unit (FSU) to:

The Unit is based in the Cabinet Office but reports to the Prime Minister who takes final decisions about the Unit's work.

The Unit's Director is Gareth Davies.


The Unit's core roles are:

Work areas

Strategy Unit projects and other work have covered a very broad range of issues. There is no area of domestic policy in which the SU could not (in principle) be asked to work.

To view outputs from previous Strategy Unit work, see past work areas.

Distinctive features

There are a number of distinctive features to the way the Unit works:


The outputs of the work of the Strategy Unit can take various forms:

Individual projects or pieces of work can take from 3-4 weeks to 3-4 months or longer.

Value Added

The Unit seeks to add value by providing:

Success measures

The impact of the Unit's work is measured by:

The Public Administration Select Committee's report on strategic thinking in Whitehall, published on the 6 March 2007, provides an external assessment of aspects of the Unit's work:

“Governing the Future” March 2007

For a recent review of the role of the Strategy Unit and equivalent bodies in other countries, see the Conference Board of Canada briefing note below

Strategic Audit and forward look

The aims of the Unit's Strategic Audit and forward look functions are: