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Codes of Conduct for:

Civil Service Ethics and Standards - index page

Committee on Standards in Public Life - an introduction, with links to the Committee's own pages and to Government responses to its reports


Departmental Evidence and Response to Select Committees (the 'Osmotherley Rules') - guidance to civil servants on giving evidence to Select Committees of Parliament and responding to Select Committee reports

Directory of Civil Service Guidance - Directory of - a compendium of Civil Service guidance
- Volume 1[PDF 322 KB]
- Volume 2[PDF 309 KB]


Election Guidance


General Election Guidance 2005 [PDF 205KB]

Government response to the Public Administration Select Committee's Report of the 2001-02 Session "These Unfortunate Sessions" [PDF 179KB]

Government response to the Ninth Report of the Committee on Standards in Public Life [PDF 124KB]

Guidance for Crown Servants - Giving Evidence or Information about Suspected Crimes [PDF 86 KB]

Guidance for Departments - handling of Members and Peers correspondence

Guidance for Departments and Investigators - Giving Evidence or Information about Suspected Crimes [PDF 87 KB]

Guidance on Election Guidance on written consultation exercises

Guidance for civil servants involved in Government Communication activities - Propriety guidance for civil servants, including Press Officers, involved in government communication activities [PDF 142KB, 21 pages]

Guidance to officials on Drafting Answers to Parliamentary Questions


Handling Correspondence from Members of Parliament, Members of the House of Lords, MEPs and Members of Devolved Assemblies [PDF 256KB]

Handling of Ombudsman cases: Guidance for Departments (pdf)

Hospitality received by members of departmental boards during 2007 (pdf)


List of Ministerial Responsibilities - a list of all UK Government Ministers, Departments and Agencies, specifying the issues for which each individual Minister is responsible

Lobbyists, Guidance for civil servants on contact with


Ministers and Departments - index page

Ministers, List of- a complete up-to-date list of all UK Government Ministers

Model Contract for Special Advisers - sets out the principal terms and conditions of employment for Special Advisers to Ministers


North East Referendum: Legal restrictions under the political parties, elections and referendums act [PDF 172KB]


Ombudsman In Your Files

Ombudsman Schemes: Guidance for Departments (pdf)

Reform of Public Sector Ombudsmen Services in England: A consultation paper


Parliamentary Commissioner for Administration


Referendums on Establishing Elected Regional Assemblies: Guidance for Civil Servants on their Role and Conduct [PDF 116 KB]

Reform of Public Sector Ombudsmen Services in England: A consultation paper

Review of the Public Sector Ombudsmen in England: A Consultation Paper [PDF 94 KB] invites comments on the recommendations contained in the Review of the Public Sector Ombudsmen in England. [PDF 117 KB]


Sponsorship of Government Activities - Guidance to Departments.


Travel by Ministers - guidance on the use of official cars and on rail and air travel.