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Welcome to UK Resilience

The Government's aim is to reduce the risk from emergencies so that people can go about their business freely and with confidence. This website exists to provide a resource for civil protection practitioners, supporting the work which goes on across the United Kingdom to improve emergency preparedness.

Latest on UK Resilience

The second edition of Emergency Response and Recovery has now been launched.

Swine Flu

To find the latest information on the ongoing Swine Flu outbreak, please go to the Department of Health website.

For a range of information on pandemic flu, including guidance and plans, please go here: Human Flu Pandemic section. This may be of interest in light of the current Swine Flu outbreak.

Emergency Preparedness

The Emergency Preparedness section has advice for practitioners on the pre-emergency phase, with generic material on key frameworks like the Civil Contingencies Act and disciplines like Risk Assessment and Business Continuity, it also contains details of the UK Government Capabilities Programme and a section on Resilient Telecommunications.

Emergency Response & Recovery

The Emergency Response & Recovery section has advice for practitioners on the post-emergency phase, with generic material on key frameworks such as the UK Central Government Concept of Operations (CONOPS) [PDF, 26 pages, 376KB] and Lead Government Department principle, and the National Recovery Guidance. It also contains details of the Central Government Emergency Response Training course.


The Emergencies section has specific assessments and guidance in relation to the broad classes of emergency which our risk framework has identified.

The Civil Contingencies Secretariat

The Civil Contingencies Secretariat section has background information on CCS, explaining our purpose, structures and key partnerships and the Resilience Gateway.

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